Coffee & TV
by Blur

Album: 13 (1999)
Charted: 11


  • Blur guitarist Graham Coxon wrote this song after he gave up alcohol. It's an upbeat Pop song with melancholy lyrics, as Coxon sings about his trouble dealing with the sober world: "Sociability is hard enough for me, take me away from this big bad world and agree to marry me."
  • This was featured in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions.
  • The video won the 1999 MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video. In the video, Coxon is missing and a milk carton jumps off the table and goes looking for him. He is eventually found playing this with Blur. The milk carton was made by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.
  • Coxon declared to NME in a March 2012 interview that his guitar solo wasn't planned. "I just put something there because we wanted to fill a gap, and said 'We'll come back to it' and the song developed, so we kept it," he said. "It's one of the nicest things about making songs. And that solo, I wasn't even looking at the guitar, I was just stomping on pedals."

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  • Tanya from La Verne, CaThis song is my favorite one from Blur. Despite the melancholy lyrics (which I relate to), the song's pretty chill. Also, the video is great and well-worth remembering.
  • Ryan from River Vale, Njthe verse in this song has one of my favorite-"unusual" chord progressions... it's quite innovative (especially for music of this genre):

    || B | B | Am E | G F | A# C# || (repeats until chorus)

    haven't come across a chord progression remotely similar to this one. it's got some neat chord-substitution and movements outside of the diatonic key.

  • Mariana from Buenos Aires, Argentinathis song is simply beautiful, and some parts of the video are very funny, altough it has a tragically tender ending, I really like it.
  • Phil from Guernsey, United Kingdomcoffee and tv is great, beautifully written and a chilled song, great hit by coxon
  • Kane from Wytheville, Vakewlest video ever
  • Ethan from Greenfield, WiI believe the first verse is about living in the city and how you are just one out of many people living there, and no one really cares about you.

    The second verse is about living in the country where people are more wise about relationships, but their egos get in the way, and their personalities suck.

    The point of view to me is a person who strings out on technology or social stimulates.
  • Hannah from Hampshire, England, United KingdomI agree that the video to this is brilliant!
  • Nicky from Southampton, EnglandThis is my fav song by Blur.
    I love it.
    I like the lyrics a lot.
  • Scott from Palm Desert, CaThe video for this one got me. My daughter was out visiting in the summer and we both loved this video. I liked the song but she wasn't too keen on it but liked the video.
  • Miguel from Guayaquil, South AmericaOne of the best videos ever...
  • Fremont from Concord, NhThis is probably Blur's best song in my opinion. It is extremely underrated, along with its album, "13" Which is my favorite Blur album too. I hope their new one is as good!
  • Mo from Newark, NjMy 2nd favorite Blur song ("Charmless Man" is my fave by Blur). Very melodic with a light and airy-sounding chorus. A little bouncy too. Has a bit of a dreamy feel to it. I always felt the song was about a guy thats tired of the impersonal , phoney , and irrational world around him and wants to start a more simple and grounded lifestyle for himself.
    P.S. I remember that Sopranos scene where they briefly show Anthony Jr. just relaxing on the couch in front of the tv watching the little milk carton make his journey in the video.
  • Paul from Galway, IrelandNot their best song. By FAR their best video. You really felt for this milk carton. Bad things happening to him, when he's just trying to help. :'(
  • Shaft from Glenville, WvJust a little cool thing I noticed. In the Sopranos episode Pine Barrens, the 11th or so episode of the 3rd season, and the first episode directed by Steve Buscemi, there's a scene inwhich Anthony Junior is watching TV while Tony is talking on his cellphone, and the video for this song is playing.
  • Andy from Arlington, VaThis song has a different meaning for me. To me it is about a person who is searching for meaning in their life. He/she feels like they are going nowhere and is waiting for someone or something to save them and protect them forever, "take me away from this big bad world and agree to marry me". I love this song; I wish it had been a bigger hit in the US.
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