Tom ScholzGuitar, keyboards1975-
Brad DelpVocals, guitar1975-1989, 1995-2007
Barry GoudreauGuitar1975-1982
Fran SheehanBass1975-1986
Sib HashianDrums1975-1986
Fran CosmoVocals1990-

Boston Artistfacts

  • Their self-titled debut album has been certified for sales of 17 million in America. From 1994-2008, it was ranked as the top-selling debut of all-time before losing that title to Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction, which was later overtaken by Hootie and the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View.
  • Scholz formed the band. He is from Toledo, Ohio and is an Ottawa Hills High School graduate of the class of 1965. He won a full scholarship to MIT, where he obtained Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering, graduating with a GPA of 4.8 on a 5.0 scale. He later worked at Polaroid, where he became a senior product design engineer, helping develop their instant film system.
  • Delp sang all vocals (lead and harmony/backup) on the first three Boston albums. Before Brad joined the group, he was working in a manufacturing plant making heating coils for Mr. Coffee machines while singing in various Boston-area clubs at night. After former band-member Barry Goudreau brought Brad to the attention of Tom Scholz, Brad began singing on Tom's demo tapes. >>
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    Ted - Loveland, CO
  • Scholz produced the group. He is a perfectionist who took years to produce albums.
  • Boston's debut album was quite possibly the greatest by a band that at the time, didn't exist outside of the studio. The band was formed after the album tracks were finished. Tom Scholz produced the album himself, and he played every instrument for every song on it. The band was then formed so "Boston" could tour. >>
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    John - Kansas City, MO
  • They went eight years between their second and third albums, Don't Look Back and Third Stage.
  • The band racked up huge catalog sales in the '80s and '90s through promotions where you would choose a bunch of albums to get for free, then pay for another every month. When choosing those freebies, many folks picked at least one Boston album.
  • They switched labels to MCA after a lawsuit with Epic was settled out of court. Epic sued Scholz for breach of contract when he would not put out more albums.
  • Goudreau, Sheehan, and Sib Hashian all sued Scholz, claiming they were under compensated for their contributions to Third Stage. As a result of this lawsuit, a sticker was affixed to Third Stage acknowledging Sib Hashian's contributions to the album.
  • Tom Scholz founded the company "Rocktron" and was the principle designer for many of the sound processing units they sold. >>
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    Eric - Atlanta, GA
  • Delp sang in a Beatles cover band called BeatleJuice.
  • Scholz is a skilled 6'-5" tall basketball player, and still loves to play. Boston had to cancel a tour in 1996 after Scholz injured his hand playing basketball. >>
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    Ted - Loveland, CO
  • They were nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy in 1976. They lost to The Starland Vocal Band, who had one, and only one hit, "Afternoon Delight."
  • Scholz injured his back during the recording of Third Stage and had record many of his parts while lying flat on a surfboard.
  • Their record company advertised their first album as "Better Music Through Science."
  • Though Scholz named the band Boston, he is the only member of the original lineup not from Boston. >>
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    Matt - Lee's Summit, MO
  • Delp committed suicide in 2007. After Delp's death, Scholz told Yahoo News: "It went from a guitar lick that didn't mean a thing to a real song as soon as he opened his mouth. That was always the case. We had a very, very close working relationship. I swear it was like we were hooked up by a cable. We didn't even have to talk most of the time." The Boston Website called him the "Nicest guy in Rock and Roll." >>
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    Gina - Paradise Valley, AZ
  • The band toured in 2008, one year after the death of Brad Delp. Michael Sweet from Stryper was brought in along with Tommy DeCarlo, a Boston fan who was recruited after posting some of his covers of Boston songs on MySpace. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

Comments: 26

  • Ezee from PaLove Boston. Saw the DLB tour in late '78....rockin good times.
  • Mariealena from MidwestI have no idea where you've gotten your information about the band members but you're way incorrect. Brad was with Boston until his passing in 2007, he stepped away in 1990 but he never "left".
    Here, update your info:
    Chronological list (including time spent in pre-BOSTON groups with Tom):
    Tom Scholz (guitar, keyboards, etc.): c. 1970-present
    Barry Goudreau (guitar): c. 1970-74; 1975-81
    Jim Masdea (drums, keyboards): c. 1970-75; 1983-88
    Brad Delp (vocals, guitar): c. 1971-73; 1974-90; 1994-2007
    Sib Hashian (drums): 1975-1983
    Fran Sheehan (bass): 1975-1984
    Gary Pihl (guitar, keyboards): 1985-present
    Doug Huffman (drums): 1987-1994
    David Sikes (bass, vocals): 1987-1999
    Fran Cosmo (vocals, guitar): 1991-2006
    Curly Smith (drums, harmonica): 1994-2001, 2012-13, part of 2014 tour, part of 2015 tour
    Anthony (Antonio) Cosmo (guitar): 1998-2006
    Kimberley Dahme (bass, vocals, guitar): 2001-2012, 2014 tour
    Jeff Neal (drums): 2003-2012, most of 2014 tour, most of 2015 tour
    Michael Sweet (vocals, guitar): 2007 (guest appearance), 2008 tour
    Tommy DeCarlo (vocals): 2007 (guest appearance), 2008-present
    David Victor (vocals, guitar): 2012-2014
    Tracy Ferrie (bass): 2012-present
    Beth Cohen (vocals, guitar, keyboards): 2015 tour
  • Rockheadz from Scarsdale, NyThey were a really good studio band.
  • Barry from New York, NcAlthough 70's era Boston had an image as "heavy metal" or "hard rock," this is extremely deceptive. In my opinion, Boston was totally a soft rock band... even during their loudest moments. "More Than A Feeling" "Peace of Mind" "Long Time" are ballads in disguise.
  • Mike from Halifax, NsWhen I was about 11 or so years old, my older brother had bought a big shiny new Technics stereo system (big dogs in their day!) and when I went up to hear it he was playing Foreplay/Longtime.....he took the covers off the speakers and I watched in amazement as the woofers pumped out the bass line....actually moving back and forth....first time I had ever seen this phenomenon.....and I was hooked on Boston right then and there! Later, as I learned to play drums, I remember very distinctly that breakthrough moment when I could make my right hand and right foot do two different things at the same time....I was playing along with Rock and Roll Band at the time (Thanks, Sib!)......and....just a couple of weeks ago I bought a new drum kit (first I owned in many years)...and to knock the rust off and get back to where I was playing years ago, I have a song list of about 14 songs I am trying to learn again.....5 of them are Boston tunes!!!!
  • John from Springdale, Pabut it wasn't Sid or the other musicians on the first album... it was only Tom and Brad. Tom played EVERY instrument and Brad sang lead and all of the background (and on each album after it was just Brad's voice). Then T.S. spliced them together
  • Donna from College Station, Tx"Don't Look Back" by Boston was No. 1 in top albums in Oct 1978, source; Billboard Oct 8, 1988-the ten years ago list.
  • John from Springdale, PaCheck out the brad delp tribute on youtube by teddy z...9 year old will bring tears to your eyes, I cannot stop watching it...then come back and let me know what you think!
    John Kovel
    Springdale, PA
  • William David Snyder from Phoenix, AzBrad Delp commited suicide in March of "07"
  • Scott from Honolulu, HiTom Scholtz is a genius. And Brad Delp sings like an angel.
  • Mar;y Jo from Philly, Pawhat a loss to the greatest band on earth. one of things i wanted to do before i left this earth was see boston, and 3 days later i saw they were appearing in atlantic city in 2004. yes, i saw boston. i'm very sick over the loss of Brad, the voice of BOSTON. THE BEST ROCK EVER. iTS more than a feeling, its BOSTON. ROCK ON!!!!
    Mary Jo from Philly, Pa.
  • D from Somewhere, FlFarewell..... ~1951 - 2007~ Such a sad way to pass on.
  • Ed from Los Banos, CaFairwell Brad. I won't forget about you now that you are gone!!!!
  • Paul from Ontario, CaSo long Brad your great voice will be missed. Rest in Peace
  • Bruce from Edison, NjAs a drummer/percussionist since age 6, I was more than a little taken with Sib Hashians work on the first two Boston albums. Now I'm 39, and realize just how great his work really was! Although others have kept the clock for the band,
    nobody ever had that bands style to more of a science than Sib did. Sib Hashian, where are you? Come back!
  • Mike from Germantown, MdIf it's just Tom Scholz and Fran Cosmo now, and they only play guitar, keyboards, and vocals, then who plays bass and drums?
  • Jim from Columbus, OhBoston are sort of a cult band of limited overall importance. They came at a time when the rock revolution of the sixties was descending into Disco Hell. The first album had some nice pop songs, the second one was basically a rehash of the first, as is everything from then on. Sholz is a talented musician, but his claims to technological brilliance are about as credible as Jimmy Page's sometime claim to have invented the power chord, and Page is much more influential.
    All of the effects used by Boston had already been done better by other people long before, but Tom just combined them into what was a pleasing tone but one which wears thin with constant repetition in the absence of innovation. The real "Boston" would of course be Aerosmith, especially since Tom is from the Toledo, OH area. The keynote of Boston's and Tom's prescience is the condemnation of the contemporary corporatocracy as in "Peace of Mind." If only the Yuppies had listened to the words...
  • George from Newport Beach, CaHoping Boston does their 30th year anniversary tour this year (2006).

    Just started a Boston fan site - Come on by !
  • Josh from New York, Nyi dont understand how their debut album can be considered the best selling debut album until hootie and the blowfish sold more.
    last time i checked, a certain album called "Appetite for Destruction" by a semi-wellknown band called Guns N' Roses is the best selling debut album of all time. :shrugs:
  • Bill from Philadelphi, PaI know many other bands used electronics with great effect before Boston (Pink Floyd comes to mind immediately) but in my humble opinion Boston changed the way rock sounded (for better or worse).
  • James from Windsor, CaBoston's lyrics to "Smokin'" were used in an anti-drug video I saw in 1983. At my high school, it had the reverse effect when someone yelled out, "Boston ROCKS!!!" We all made a bunch of noise and had to be quieted down. It was one of my favorite Boston experiences, other than attending one of their concerts in LA.
  • Brittany from Wood River, IlForeplay/Longtime is a GREAT song. :)
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Scgreat band! Their songs are great, and i really like the vocals too!
  • Chris from Rock City, SdBoston is a great band. I have all of there albums and they are all great. ROCK ON!!
  • Jerry from Phoenix, AzI started listening to Boston when I was only 7 years old. Boston had just come out with their first album. One day while camping with my family I told my mom I wanted to listen to some music. She put the new Boston on 8-track and 27 years later I'm still listening.
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiawhen i first heard More then a Feeling , new instantly what a great song it was so... went out and bought the single cost me $1.10. GREAT SONG
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