Peace Of Mind

Album: Boston (1976)
Charted: 38
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  • Boston founder Tom Scholz wrote this song while he was working as a senior engineer at the Polaroid corporation. The song is about finding your passion; Scholz seems to sympathize with the many people who are working for companies and don't feel fulfilled. >>
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  • Unlike many folks toiling away in dead-end jobs, Scholz liked what he did at Polaroid and was paid well for it, well enough that he could afford to build a studio in his basement with a 12-track recorder. He played in bands while he was a student at MIT and after entering the corporate world, but the studio let him create new songs using his engineering background to push the boundaries. After a few years, one of his demo tapes earned him a deal with Epic Records. He formed Boston using local talent (including singer Brad Delp, who sang on the demos), took a leave of absence from Polaroid, and completed the self-titled album, which was released on August 25, 1976. Scholz went back to his job, but that didn't last long: the album took off like a shot, so the band toured to support it. "Peace Of Mind" shows how dreams can come true with the right amount of talent, passion and hard work. Of course, there were probably many times over the next several years - especially when he was at odds with his management and record company - when Scholz would have liked to back at Polaroid.
  • This was the third single from the Boston album, following "More Than a Feeling" and "Long Time." They could have released more, but didn't have to: radio stations were playing the songs right from the album, and the album was selling. It eventually sold 17 million copies in America.
  • The Christian metal band Stryper covered this on their 2009 album Murder By Pride. Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet joined Boston in 2008 to fill in for Brad Delp, who died the previous year. Sweet did just one tour with the band, but it left a lasting impression. "It felt like I was dreaming up there every night, pinching myself," he told Songfacts.

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  • Big Boy from New YorkHey Mr. M this song is pretty lit but not my fav.
  • Steve from Chino HillsTom Scholz had both a bachelors and masters degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. In the 70's when this album came out Polaroid was in the golden era of film based photography. The ability to make instant pictures back then made Polaroid a much sought after company. With the digital camera age Polaroid is now struggling to stay in business. They are now mostly private labeling consumer electronic products from China. The band Boston probably has a higher net worth than the entire Polaroid Corporation has now.
  • Linda from Inland Empire, CaThis song was essentially required at my high school's dances in the late 1970s. I can't hear the hand clapping section without seeing all of us dancing and clapping with our hands above our heads. I really loved Boston from the time they released their first album, but after Brad Delp's suicide, their songs simply make me very sad.
  • Tino from Charlotte, Nc, NcFantastic song! IMO, one of the greatest pop/rock songs of all time. Never get tired of listening to it (and, really, it's even better than 'More Than a Feeling' IMO).
  • Jeff from Austin, TxFantastic song! Hook after hook after hook.
    I could (and have) listened to it over and over and have a new favorite part every time.
  • James from Hudson, FlLove this song!
  • John from Cincinnati, OhBrad Delp had the greatest vocal range of any rock singer. What a tragedy that he committed suicide (after spending his last years almost in obscurity, leading a Beatles cover band).
  • Jimmy T from Nyc, OrYes, many of their songs sound similar but they all have a different personality. In my opinion, as a musician myself, Peace of Mind is a small masterpiece.

    I've been trying to find a concert CD or VHS of Boston for years. I'm wondering if Tom is saving'em all for his retirement years. U Tube has some good clips, but I would love a full concert.
  • Nick from Covina, Cathis the best boston song next to more than a feeling
  • Steve from Fenton, MoThis is the only Boston song I don't get tired of hearing. All the rest sound too similar to each other.
  • Myra from Chicago, IlIt makes me really sad that i am the first to comment on such a great classic rock song! :-(
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