Album: Sorry For Partyin' (2009)
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  • This song is an ode to the kind of friendship only guys can understand - the kind that involves bad behavior and partial nudity. It was written by Bowling for Soup lead singer Jaret Reddick, but did all the things described in the lyrics really happen? In our interview with Reddick, he told us: "Bowling for Soup songs are definitely personal experience. But sometimes they're observations. So sometimes it might not be me that I'm talking about. And sometimes I combine ideas. So for example, I have a song called 'BFFF.' It's basically a song about my best friend, but people are like, 'Well, okay, did all that stuff really happen?' Yeah, everything in the song happened, but they're all different guys. I mean, I have a lot of super close friends, I'm a lucky guy. So yeah, it's all real. And sometimes I exaggerate things a little bit."
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