You and Me

Album: Let's Do It for Johnny! (2000)
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  • Wait, is this Bowling for Soup exploring a complex relationship between a romantic couple struggling to figure out if they're right for each other? It's pretty heavy stuff from the guys who brought us "1985" and "Punk Rock 101," but Bowling for Soup's lead singer and songwriter Jaret Reddick is perfectly capable of pouring his heart out, which he does here. Speaking on the topic of his more personal songs, Jaret told Songfacts: "For me, the first several Bowling for Soup records, I was really super self-conscious about writing anything that was emotional and personal, and even if I was writing a song that was real - say, 'Surf Colorado' or something like that, I would always try to make it funny, because laughing is my defense mechanism. I mean, that's sort of how I get past anything that's super heavy, you know, make a joke. Even if it's just to myself, that's how I deal with stuff. So I didn't really know if people would want to know what I was really thinking about something, or that I was an emotional person or whatever. So I guess one of the first ones was probably a song called 'You and Me' that ended up being on Let's Do It for Johnny!. It was the first sort of ballad-y song that I wrote where I actually mean this; this is real."


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