Drive of Shame
by Brad Paisley (featuring Mick Jagger)

Album: Love and War (2017)


  • This good-time morning-after jam is a duet with Mick Jagger. Paisley learned that Jagger was a fan of his music when a friend overheard the Rolling Stones frontman talking about the country singer one year at the Grammys. From there, the country hitmaker and the British singing legend became friends. Paisley recalled to ABC Radio:

    "He said, 'You may not know it, but when your first album came out, I wanted to hear what you were doing lyrically, and I had heard a few of the songs and the guitar playing and thought, I need to hear this guy.' And he had kinda kept up with me!"

    When The Rolling Stones invited Brad Paisley to open for them in the summer of 2015 as their Zip Code Tour passed through Nashville, the West Virginia native was honored to be asked. "We got to know each other and then they had us open in Nashville and we got to know each other some more," Paisley said. "We went to dinner a few times, and I finally just said, 'You need to come back here when we are off!'" That led to the pair's collaboration.
  • Paisley co-wrote the song with Jagger and the Rolling Stone frontman's collaborator, Matt Clifford.


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