She's Everything

Album: Time Well Wasted (2005)
Charted: 35


  • In this song, Paisley sings the praises of his dream girl, and all the ways she's everything to him:

    She's the voice I love to hear
    Someday when I'm ninety
    She's that wooden rocking chair
    I want rocking right beside me

    The girl is Kimberly Williams, the actress who starred in the movies Father of the Bride and We Are Marshall, and the TV series According to Jim and Nashville. The couple married in 2003.
  • The Nashville songwriter Wil Nance wrote this song about his wife, Holly. When Paisley heard the demo, he loved it, but he wanted to change the lyrics so they were about his wife - a pretty big deal since she's a famous actress.

    In the original version, the girl has auburn hair and drives a Chrysler LeBaron convertible. Paisley changed the hair color to brown and has her driving a Saturn with a sunroof, customizing the song for Kimberly. He also changed the color of the tennis shoes from red to yellow.
  • Wil Nance, who also wrote the George Strait hit "Round About Way," has composed thousands of songs, but "She's Everything" stands out as one that was particularly inspired. He makes the distinction between songmaking - when you're trying to crank out a tune - and songwriting - when you're trying to create a lasting work that moves people.

    In our interview with Nance, he said: "Songwriting is when you take a look at what's around you and you go, 'I'm going to write a song about that.' And, to be honest with you, those are easier to write. I was songwriting when I wrote that song:

    She's a red pair of tennis shoes
    She's a holey pair of jeans
    She's a pair of cool sunglasses
    She's a sexy little thing

    And then I started thinking about every other woman in the world plus my wife, and if I can get every woman to think this song was about them then I got a hit on my hands. That's how I approached that whole song."
  • This was Paisley's seventh #1 country hit, and his third from the Time Well Wasted album, following his Dolly Parton duet "When I Get Where I'm Going" and "The World." By the time the song was issued as a single, the album had been out for a year.
  • Structurally, this is what songwriters call a "list" song, as it lists all the things the girl is to the singer. According to Wil Nance, the hard part when writing one is getting the list right.
  • Scott Scovill, who also did Paisley's "River Bank" and "American Saturday Night," directed the video, which shows Paisley on the road with his band.
  • The line about the girl being Paisley's "unborn children's mother" proved prescient: He and Kimberly had a son in 2007 and another in 2009.


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