I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light

Album: Deja Entendu (2003)
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  • Jesse Lacey wrote this song after an extended period of excessive touring without rest. He and his band mates were growing tired of their schedule, and were becoming very home sick.
  • Lyric Analysis:

    "I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ears." - He had missed the opportunity of enjoying summer because of their touring, and now it has passed by.

    "Please know we do this because we care, not for the thrill." - They are doing these tours because they want to reach out to people with their music, not because they want to be away from their home.

    "I've realized that everyone who lives will someday die and die alone" - This is a very morbid line saying he is lonely, and with this work they are doing, he sees himself being alone forever. This is reinforced by the chorus: "And we won't let you in," meaning they will not allow anyone to become close with them.

    "I've wrote more postcards then hooks, I've read more maps then books, I feel like every chance to leave is another chance I should have took." - He has written so many letters to home, perhaps more letters then songs, he has not had any time for things such as books, because he is on the road, and he feels like he should have taken any chances that had been offered for the touring to stop, but he didn't.

    "My secrets for a buck, Watch me as I cut myself wide open on this stage, Yes, I am paid to spill my guts" - His songs are his deepest secrets, and he is paid to write and sing and be seen on stage.

    "Oh, I would kill for the Atlantic" - Jesse Lacey is from Long Island, New York (an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean).

    "I am paid to make girls panic while I sing" - This expresses the absurdity of the many overexcited, screaming girls who attend his shows. >>
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    Samantha - Someplace, NY, for above 2

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  • Ben from CaRe: Hugh's comment -- yep, the title is an analogy of the sports novel, The Moves Make the Man. In the book, the narrator's best friend learns how to play basketball, and by doing so, he also learns how to 'fake' out [other players], and this leads him to discover how telling the truth all the time can actually hurt his loved ones while 'faking it' and telling lies might help in certain situations.

    In his lyrics, Jesse describes feelings of homesickness, but while on tour, the band needs to 'fake it' at times for the audience since that is what they pay for ("I'm paid to make girls panic when I sing"). This internal conflict is analogous to the novel since the truth is he'd much rather be back home but learns to put on a facade for the fans/audience of their shows. And this is why the song is titled as such.
  • James from South Buffalo, NyThis song has a few lines that are taken from/in reference to the Archers Of Loaf song
    "Chumming The Ocean". "The deep is in riot, the coastline is quiet", "And harpoons are loaded, the cage has been lowered. The mask's on, the diver is down, now. And they're chumming the oceans. The signal is sent, I think he's in trouble. The water is red, red, red, red"
  • Wes from Pietermaritzburg, South AfricaThis dude is the best lyricist I know of, and this songs one of my favourite examples thereof, my other favourite being Sic Transit Gloria. "I'm an old abandonded church with broken pews and empty aisles." What an image!
  • Hugh from Florence, ScI don't know if it has anything to do with the song, but the title is taken from a line in a Pulitzer prize winning book called "The Moves Make the Man."
  • Aj from Sheboygan, WiProbably the easiest song to figure out the meaning to, but doesnt make it any less special. Always loved Brand New... always will
  • Alessandra from St.louis, Mowell then. i never knew any of this.... thanks for being obvious, but i guess there are some dumb ppl that need explanations like this! :D
  • Heather from Omaha, Newell no duh
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