• This is the opening track from American alternative rock band Brand New's fourth studio album, Daisy.
  • This song was completely written by vocalist/guitarist Jesse Lacey on the bass. He told Spin Magazine: "When I played it for the band, just on bass guitar, there was no way for me to explain how I wanted the rest of the song to be. I'm playing this bass line, and I think they just kind of all heard this really nature-y, strange kind of chord progression. I was just trying to explain myself the best way I could possibly imagine, using all these weird adjectives and drumming my hands on the desk. Eventually, that song turned out identically to the way I heard it in my head. There's nothing better than that, there's nothing I could ask for more than that. That one hit the spot."
  • The opening music at the start of this track is a sample of "On Life's Highway" a 1920s gospel hymn written by Bertrand Brown. The same hymn can be heard at the end of the final track, "Noro." Lacey explained to Spin Magazine: "I collect weird things - I bought some tapes from an estate sale, and there were some old sermons from a Baptist minister in Texas back in the '60s, and that hymn was on it, and it was a hymn that I remembered from when I was younger going to church. We've always been interested in putting strange things on the albums. We don't do it as much as we would like. I think if we had our way we'd just make a half-hour mix of sound bites and things like that."


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