I Will Not Bow

Album: Dear Agony (2009)
Charted: 40


  • This is the first single from American alternative metal band Breaking Benjamin's 4th studio album Dear Agony.
  • The song was premiered on the radio station 97.9X in Breaking Benjamin's hometown of Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania on the afternoon of August 11, 2009.
  • The song features in the 2009 Bruce Willis sci-fi movie Surrogates. The song was not written specifically for the film, but according to drummer Chad Szeliga, "Ben (Burnley, vocalist) sent a few songs to our record label, Hollywood Records," which is owned by Disney, who then decided they "wanted a Breaking Benjamin song for this movie."
  • The music video was filmed at the World Trade Center building 7. The director Rich Lee (Evanescence) chose the location as he felt it was an eerie location to film. Burnley described the shoot to Weekender magazine as "a great time," before admitting that it wasn't without its difficulties. He explained: "I have issues with heights and stuff, and when I first got up there I started to have a little bit of a panic attack," he says. "And I got over it really, really quick because I put it in my mind that the city was fake, because you're up so high it literally looks like a scale model, so I just kept thinking that, and I got through it. The windows go all the way down to the floor. In the very first shot of the video, where I'm standing looking over, I actually had my eyes shut, because you're so close, and if you're that close to the window, for me, then it kind of gets dizzying I guess? Nauseating? So I had to keep my eyes shut, and I opened them up when I turned around and started singing."
  • The song was written by Benjamin Burnley and Jasen Rauch, the guitar player and primary songwriter of the Christian alternative metal band Red. (check out "Death of Me").

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  • Nicole from Okemah OkSo insperational!
  • Slade from Yo Moma House, Lathis is the best song breaking benjamine had since diary of jane nad polyamerous
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