For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only

Album: Count Your Blessings (2006)
  • This song is about a man waking up next to a woman after a one night stand and telling her that he is going to murder her and steal her soul. Alternately it could be about death closing in on an immoral person, and about her own destruction. >>
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    Zack - Rohersville, MD
  • The title is not in the lyrics. Stevie Wonder is blind, which alludes to the dark content of the song.

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  • Jaromír from Kraslice, Czech RepublicIt's officially not called Braille, it's there only so that you could decipher it from the album art, because on it the song name is written in braille
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI cannot believe my friends listen to this s--t...just sayin'.
  • Jd from Paoli, InYou better fear me dear, for i am death.
  • Steven from Scone, Australiathe song is actually called Braille (For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only) which refers to the fact that he is blind and braille is raised letters on a page which allows the blind to read.
    Just thought i should post that :D
    amazing song by the way
  • Noah from Columbia, Tnthis songs actually called Braile
  • Agustin from ,this song is incredible
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