• This song fiinds Oli Sykes talking about the breakdown of his relationship with Hannah Snowdon; the couple divorced in 2016.

    I always knew this is gonna end in tears
    Didn't think your wrists would keep a souvenir
    And I thought that I had heard it all
    Till I heard your lover screaming down the phone

    The end of their marriage was brought about by Sykes discovering through reading his wife's emails that she was cheating on him.
  • Sykes said in publicity materials that he was really hesitant about writing such a personal lyric for fear that it looked "like I was wallowing in it." He added that he's glad the split happened, as he's now in "a really happy place" after marrying his second wife Alissa Salls. "It takes two to tango," he continued, "but at the same time it was a really painful time for me."
  • Keyboardist Jordan Fish told Kerrang that this scratchy, glitchy tune was conjured in a mad 45-minute burst of inspiration with the help of another track. "It's got some lyrics from another song that we didn't end up using in the end, but we really liked the words and they tie in nicely with the themes of the record," he explained. "So we wanted to find a way of keeping them."


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