Wonderful Life


  • The lyrics for this song were freestyled by Oli Sykes in the studio. He explained: "It's stream-of-consciousness-type stuff about getting old and out of touch, being off tour and loving the mundane things in life."

    Sykes added that his "word vomit" was inspired by the novelty of everyday things when his life is mainly spent on the road. "Things like weekly shops and mowing your lawn are quite nice," he said. "People who spend most of their lives away from home can surely relate."
  • The song was originally intended for Limp Bizkit, but Oly Sykes and BMTH's Jordan Fish's song writing sessions with Fred Durst didn't work out as the Limp Bizkit singer barely showed up. Speaking on BBC Radio 1's Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter, Sykes explained:

    "It's one of them things, looking back, where it wasn't meant to be. One good thing came out of it: me and Jordan wrote this riff and I one day decided the tempo and key matched almost perfectly with the song. So we de-Bizkit'd it a bit, and it ended up sounding pretty sick."
  • The track features a vocal contribution from Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth on the middle eight. According to a Kerrang interview with Jordan Fish it was Oli Sykes who suggested enlisting Dani Filth "in one of his crazy creative brainwaves."

    Drummer Matt Nicholls explained to Australia's Heavy magazine: "We had this bit in the song [and] we thought it'd sound good if it had this, like, spooky, kind of metally voice. He was really up for it."
  • Jordan Fish admitted to Billboard the juxtaposition of the crunchy guitars and screaming hook in the song is "a bit of a mess." However, he added that it's purposefully hectic:

    "The verse and the chorus don't particularly jive together in exactly how I would naturally go for, but when we were writing it, we were aware of it," Fish said. "It fits with the whole lyrical vibe of the song... We could have rewritten it because it's weird, but it's cool that it's weird."
  • It was Oli Sykes who asked Dani Filth if he wanted to contribute vocals to the song; he direct-messaged him on Instagram and the Cradle of Filth frontman was unsure if it was a wind-up at first. When he messaged back, Filth tentatively said, "If this is really you, then yes, I'm up for it."


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