• In this song, Spears says it's okay to go out with your friends and have a little fun, until something stops you, reminds you of your last boyfriend, and suddenly you're not having fun anymore because you realize you miss him. >>
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    Shana - Radcliff, KY
  • This was written and produced by the team of Brian Kierulf and Josh Schwartz, who worked on six songs from the album (Spears also got a writing credit - something often required by big-name artists).

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  • Bob from Hallanedale, FlCasie, Britney can no longer respond to e-mails because she is brain dead! I am not sure of your age but you seem like an intelligent and thoughtful young woman who can do far better than worry about this mindless bimbo. Just reading what you wrote shows that you already have an IQ that far exceeds that of most of the people who think that Britney is worth a damn. This dimwit has no class at all and does not give anything back to her fans--this is why she will fade away. There are so many great and gracious performers out there--start following their music and leave this airhead to her own demise--remember, she was given a gift and misused it-drugs and idiotic decisions--that's her life. You don't need to follow this kind of riff-raff. She was given everything yet has no class at all--I am a pediatric oncologist, and my hobby is music-- Many children who I deal with have nothing and were given nothing in life but have the most class. There's the difference.
  • Casie from Denver, CoI use to be a big fan of the Brit when I was little and sent her an email and she responded but after the whole kiss on the MTv Awards I sent her back an email saying why did she do that but she didnt answer so I just said im leaving her up to here. So now i hate her I guess. This song use to be my favorite and it reminds me that just because a guy is looking at you doesnt mean u have to feel shy,get out there and party and be urself and try to make ur first move but becarfull with who ur dealing with.
  • Chester from Lincolnshire, EnglandThis breezy little song is r'n'b at it's most upbeat. It's fun, insanely catchy and features some sweet vocals.

    The song is a cross between Jennifer Lopez 'Play' and Janet Jackson 'All For You'.

    'Anticipating' was released as a single in France only and was a huge summer hit of 2002 there. A live performance of 'Anticipating' (taken from Britney's "LIVE IN LAS VAGAS" show of her 'Dream Within A Dream' sell-out tour) was used as a video.
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