Cautious Man

Album: Tunnel of Love (1987)


  • Tells the story of a man who has doubts about his marriage. Springsteen was having problems with his marriage to Julianne Phillips, but claims this was not autobiographical.
  • Springsteen recorded this by himself in his home studio in Rumson, New Jersey.
  • The character in this song had "Love" tattooed on one hand and "Fear" on the other, symbolizing his inner conflict.

Comments: 4

  • Girl E from Florida I think this is a great song - well the whole album is! This song tells me about a man who has doubts and lots of questions... like we all do in relationships. He loves her, way over thinks, only to find himself with nothing but road... the road of life. In the end he returns to her, enjoying what he has in spite of uncertainty... life.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyI guess my hearing was off the first time I heard this song; I thought the opening line was "The warden was a cautious man" {Well, I was 43 years old when 'Tunnel of Love' was released, so maybe that explains it}...
  • Scott from Detroit, MiI think James from Chattanooga has some anger issues...good luck with that.
  • James from Chattanooga, TnWhat a farce? He promised his roadies if they sacrificed for him on the way to the top, he would reward them. They ended up in court with Bruce losing Big Time Bucks. He spoke of his roadies as common dirt labor. Contrast this with a Elvis that gave out bonus's to all after every concert. Bruce's lyrics are less than mature and sophistacated. On one hand he "FEARS" that his narcissic "LOVE" will be his downfall.
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