by BTS

Album: BE (2020)
Charted: 70


  • The word telepathy centers on the communication of thought from one person to another without the medium of speech. The term was first coined in 1882 by the writer and physic researcher Frederic W. H. Myers to describe "the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another independently of the recognized channels of sense."

    During this retro-pop disco track, BTS sing of the tight bond between them and the ARMY. Even when they are far away geographically, their fans are always on their minds.
  • BTS member Suga wrote "Telepathy" (or "for a moment/briefly" to translate its Korean title) as a love letter to ARMY during the COVID lockdown. He wanted to encourage them and let them know that he and his bandmates are still thinking of them despite the long period of separation. Suga's bandmate Jin explained at a press conference: "Because of COVID, we aren't able to meet our fans and we wanted to melt down these emotions into the lyrics. We are momentarily - as the song name in Korean is - away from our fans, but we wanted to express our hope that we are always with them."
  • Speaking in an interview with Weverse Magazine, Suga said the song came to him quickly:

    "I tried a melody for the first time this year (2020), and as I started knowing the fun of music, it opened a lot of new doors for me. So it was kind of easy working on it. I just played a beat and wrote from the beginning until the end. Done. I wrote it in just 30 minutes. The song almost wrote itself. The trends of pop and hip-hop these days cross boundaries between vocals and rap. I like this trend."
  • This was originally one of Suga's rejected songs, but after his bandmates heard it during the filming of the BTS reality show In The Soop, they chose to record it for the BE album.
  • Suga's bandmates Jungkook and RM helped him complete the song along with Big Hit Entertainment in-house producers Hiss Noise and El Capitxn.


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