Our World

Album: All Night Long (2010)


  • This anthemic cry to help right the social, environmental, economic and other wrongs of this world is a track from California rock act Buckcherry's fifth album, All Night Long.
  • The track was offered as free download on the band's website, Buckcherry.com in aid of the victims of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Frontman Josh Todd commented, "As musicians who have the benefit of the spotlight from time to time, we feel it is our duty to aid in raising awareness and financial support to help remedy the awful situation in the Gulf Of Mexico. It is so important that each and every one of us do what we can to help those out whose lives have been harshly impacted by the oil spill."
  • Founding guitarist Keith Nelson explained to FMQB: "The song came about prior to that whole tragedy. We just wanted to put together a song that kind of addresses some social concerns. We're not a big political or social band, but there's a place for it in the music that we make. So we did that song, and then the whole BP disaster happened and we had an opportunity to go back in and tweak a couple of the lyrics to make it more specific to that. There is a lot of tragedy. There are people affected by it, there's a lot of wildlife that's affected by it, and we just wanted to bring some attention to it. We are trying to focus on helping the people that have been hurt by it."
  • Keith Nelson on how the song came together: "I was hearing this drum pattern with a guitar riff that went with it, and Jimmy and I got together and did that chorus. Then Josh put some really great lyrics together that were a little more socially conscious that we usually get. He took that ball and ran with it."


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