Hearts Burst Into Fire

Album: Scream Aim Fire (2008)
Charted: 66


  • Speaking about "Hearts Burst Into Fire" in an interview with Metal Hammer magazine, Bullet For My Valentine bass player Jay James said: "It's basically about life on the road. Being away from the loved ones, missing them, hoping to see them again after a long time and finally coming home. We spent the last two or three years touring."
  • Frontman Matt Tuck in the same interview: "Musically it's something a little bit different. The majority of the song is in a Major Key, which we have never done before."

Comments: 6

  • Metalhead666 from Ain Akrin, Lebanoncan anyone tell me the band members names ??
    and btw add me i am the biggest metalhead in the whole universe
  • Estel from 303, CoIt's so weird to hear a love song with so much guitar. For me, this is less about the lyrics and more about the movement of the music. It's a piece of fantastic art.
  • David from Warwick, Australiathis is the first song i ever heard from bullet.
    this is the song that made me fall in love with you's
    (: awesome song
  • Dakota from Bad Axe, MiThis is the song that made Bullet my favorite band
  • Emma from Suffolk, United Kingdomi love this song the minute i heard it i fell in love with it, the lyrics are out standing. i love the video too it rocks. the amount of fun they have performing and that they miss there loved ones makes this band the best. ROCK ON BULLET.
  • Naanoo from Kuwait, Kuwaitthis song is amazing,when i first listen to it i wasn't very sure about it, but i love it now and i love the vedio, matt tuck looks hot in the vedio :D
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