• The sixth track on Bullet For My Valentine's fifth studio album also serves as the title track. Overdrive asked vocalist Matt Tuck, whether when the band wrote the song, they instantly knew they were going to name the album after it? He replied: "No, not at all. It was just more that things were kind of a coincidence."

    "You see, before we actually decided on the name of the album, that song was already written and completely finished. With this album, we actually started with the artwork first, because we have had a pain in the arse in the past with doing the artwork, as we had always left it to the last minute."

    "So this time around, we tried to do things completely different the way we approached the design process. We knew that we wanted to have snakes on the cover and also seeing as it is out fifth album, we wanted to have the 'V' in there to represent the number five and then obviously the use of the 'V' represents 'valentine.' When we looked at the idea and then made the connection that we had snakes on the cover, who have venom and we also had the song 'Venom,' it just seemed all too good to be true and had to be done, so that's how it all came about."
  • Bullet For My Valentine's debut album was titled The Poison. So what's the difference between venom and poison? Venom is injected into victims by an animal for the purpose of causing harm by means of a bite, sting or other sharp body feature, while poison is absorbed, consumed or inhaled.
  • The video was directed by Stuart Birchall (Architects' "Alpha Omega") who previously helmed the band's "You Want A Battle? (Here's A War)" clip. Birchall said: "Working with Bullet is a real pleasure. It is important for me to connect with the artist, their music and establish trust creatively.

    After our first video, I was very keen to continue the journey of the characters we established in taking the narrative in a fresh direction. The band and management were behind this 100 percent. We discussed taking a more cerebral tone with a darker subtext.

    Maeve O Connell (Director of Photography) and myself wanted to take the cinematography in a different direction stylistically and the cast were all very keen to continue the story and journey we had started together."


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