Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)

Album: Singles Going Steady (1978)
Charted: 12
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  • This punk classic was inspired by some dialogue ("Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have") in the 1955 film Guys & Dolls.
  • The band's songwriter Pete Shelley described how he came to write this song in the Guardian newspaper February 24, 2006: "The song dates back to November 1977. We were on a roll. It was only six months since we'd finished the first album. Up in Manchester this was what we used to dream of... a whirlwind of tours, interviews, TV. We were living the life. One night in Edinburgh we were in a guest house TV lounge watching the musical Guys and Dolls. This line leaped out - 'Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have?' The next day the van stopped outside a post office and I wrote the lyrics there. I did have a certain person in mind, but I'll save that for my kiss'n'tell. The music just seemed to follow, fully formed."
  • In 1987 when Fine Young Cannibals covered this, their more laid back, soulful version peaked at #9 in the UK. They recorded the song after being asked by the director Jonathan Demme to provide him with a song for his upcoming film Something Wild. It is featured on the film's soundtrack released as "Ever Fallen in Love."
  • In an interview with Uncut magazine, Shelley recalled: "The opening line was originally 'You piss on my natural emotions,' but because 'Orgasm Addict' hadn't been getting radio play because of it's title, I needed something a bit subtler. So I came up with 'spurn.' It had the same sort of disregard, but wasn't so likely to offend!"
  • In the same Uncut interview the song's producer Martin Rushent recalled: "Pete played me 'Ever Fallen In Love…' for the first time and my jaw hit the floor. I felt it was the strongest song that they had written-clever, witty lyrics, great hooklines. I suggested backing vocals-to highlight the chorus and make it even more powerful. No one could hit the high part-so I did it. I'd sung in bands in my youth and I also worked as a backing singer."
  • The story of how The Buzzcocks came up with their name: In February 1976 Shelley and guitarist Howard Devoto read an article about a band called the Sex Pistols who had just played in London. "It was a realization of someone else doing what we already wanted to do," Shelley told Reuters. The pair borrowed a car and drove from Manchester down to London to seek out the Sex Pistols. "We bought a copy of Time Out, which had no mention of them at all," recalled Shelley. "But in the magazine was a preview for a TV series called Rock Follies. The headline was, 'It's the buzz, cock." And that's how we got the name."
  • Thea Gilmore, Pete Yorn, Will Young, Billy Talent and Anti-Flag are among the acts to cover this song. The New York City band SUSU released their version in 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. They explained: "A good cover is hard to find. Turns out this one was a telling tale, a perfect sonic and energetic fit. We were a brand new band, consummated on Valentine's Day, in the pink of our five-week European honeymoon. We found ourselves leaving behind the tour we had just fallen in love with due to circumstances beyond our control - a pandemic. Proper heartbreak. But we all know the first breakup never sticks."

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  • Robert Whitford from CaRod, Anyone who would cease listening to a " Classic' Kickass band' because the discovered they might be gay' um' Secretly and with Self loathing diddles boys while'st they take a s--t' then get up off their knees cross themselves and go back to the pulpit!
  • Rod from Gainesville, FlI loved the buzzcocks and their songs for a long time before i found out they were gay. I often wonder if this fact changes the meaning of their love songs?
  • Dave from Hull, EnglandNouvelle Vauge do a good cover of this song too.
  • Andrew Horne from Richmond, VaThursday covered this song for the video game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.
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