Comfort Eagle
by Cake

Album: Comfort Eagle (2001)


  • This song is about "The Man" so to speak. Whether dealing with the music business or on the radio, Cake gives examples of the corporate and distorted worlds of both aspects of music. >>
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    Brian - Altoona, PA

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  • Lisa from CaPerhaps he is mocking televangelism and/quite possibly dianetics (Scientology) and the marketing and selling of salvation in a telethon/Orwellian type dystopia. just a thought.
  • Bob from Schenectady, Ny@ Hugo in Philly:
    My guess is that they used a sample of a banjo for use in the Mellotron. The tinny sound makes me think it's a banjo.
  • Brad from Edmonton, AbThe song is (like most songs) acutally about us and the mind reading "elite" class that most of us are unaware of.
  • Hugo from Philadelphia, PaI can't find any info on it, but what is the string instrument played during the verses along with the guitar? "One, two three four five, two three four five, one, one, two three four five, two three four, one, two" is the general rythym, and it plays at the end as well. I was thinking it was either some kind of Sitar or a banjo with an effect on it. Any info?
  • Wisdo from Dublin, AfghanistanIn Western countries, men wearing turbans in public are likely to be Sikhs, whose religion requires them to cover their long uncut hair.
    The men of many Islamic cultures have worn or wear a headdress of some sort that may be considered a turban. Islam however does not require any sort of head wrap or headdress except for a woman's headscarf.
  • Lalah from Wasilla, AkMy impression of this song was the artist's realization that he's sold himself out when he thought he was making music. It's advertizing, it's marketing, it's making the money. You're only an artist if you're commerically successful. Dude. But it's not the record companies calling the shots telling the artist what to write and the public what to buy. Music is being controled by software companies, and they're calling you DUDE.
  • Mike from Vancouver, Wai thinks that the part your talking about is basically saying that you can do whatever you want like where it says doesnt matter if your skinny or fat and pepsi or coke it shows that were all different and you can be what you want
  • Kyle from Huntington, NyI couldnt help but think that this song was a serious attack on religion. The lyrics "You can dress up like a sultan in your onion head hat" i thought referred to Islam and the turban. It actually made more sense when I thought the lyric was "soldier" instead of "sultan."
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