God's Gift

Album: Disappearing in Airports (2016)
  • This song is about Kanye West. The chorus is made up of song titles or statements that the controversial rapper has made about himself, which Candlebox frontman Kevin Martin then pieced together. He told About.com:

    "This is a guy that I find absolutely no worth in as an artist and it's only because he's constantly tooting his own horn. If he'd just shut up and be an artist I think he's brilliant. But every time he opens his mouth and talks about how amazing he is it belittles his real talent, who he is as a musician, the people who listen to him and his fans. And I don't see how other people don't see that and the constant smoke that's being blown up his ass about how talented he is. It's just exhausting. I just find him to be a waste of his talent and it bums me out. He's just constantly telling everybody how great he is and that's just sad to me. If you're great you don't need to tell people."


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