Crescent Noon

Album: Close To You (1970)

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  • Mary from Pueblo, CoJust curious-how does the person above, describing the song's meaning, know this? It seems to have a more "far reaching" meaning, at least, to me. Especially, since at the time it was written, there was little known about SAD (seasonal affective disorder). What is meant by the language in the song is still not explained, such as in the lyrics " somewhere in a fairytale forest lies an answer that is waiting to be heard" or what is meant by the title "Crescent Noon." The song, to me, has a broader meaning and refers to the span of a lifetime, ("you and I were born at the break of day" and "all our seasons...burn away"), although looking at life through a dark lens.
  • David from Barnsley, United KingdomThe key of B flat minor heightens the melancholy and gloomy feeling - I often find that the key a song is recorded in can make a noticeable and subtle difference to the listener.
  • Siansonea from Denver, CoIt's Crescent Noon. It's a great song, very haunting. Love the orchestration.
  • Charles from Charlotte, NcI thought it was titled "Crescent Moon"? Am I mistaken?
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