• This song was co-written by Katrina Elam, the Country singer who had a minor country hit with the original version of Carnival Ride's "Flat on the Floor."
  • This ballad contains the lyric: "The world is so big, it could break your heart." CMT News asked Underwood what that line means to her? She replied: "To me, there are so many problems in the world, it's kind of like, 'Where do I start?' You know, you want to make a difference. That's what the whole song is about - the smallest thing. If everybody does the smallest thing, it adds up to amazing, amazing things. But people don't see that. They can be weighed down by all this stuff they see on the news or the things that are in their newspapers or people talking about something. It just seems impossible."
  • Underwood told CMT News that she thinks music does change the world. She added: "The song "Change" - if somebody hears that and they're like, 'You know what? I do change the channel every time I see one of those commercials asking me to donate. Maybe I'll call in, even if it's 25 bucks.' I mean, whatever you've got in your pocket. That's what it's saying - the smallest thing, the change in your pocket, can make such a difference. If anybody sees that and wants to do something after that, wants to give money or donate their time - and time is money, so donate what you can - then it already has changed the world."

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  • Star from, GaGreat song. I write songs too; I've written about 30! And Carrie's right: WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! We need to be salt and light!
  • Samantha from Mohegan Lake, Nythis song really speaks to me. im sure it speaks to a lot of others to bu it just is really an inspirational song. it makes me wanna just pick up the phone and donate 5,000 dollars to any place that needs it. (that is, if i even had that much money-lol) i hope that this song inspires everyone who goes on this site and everyone else too. and i hope that if Carrie Underwood goes on this site that she sees this comment and keeps makin songs like this one. i actually write songs myself. I've written 3 so far: one in 2007, and 2 this year. in fact i finished my third song just last night. it's a great way to express myself in a way that normal words can't especially when i'm sad, just likeartists express themselves through their artwork, singers and songwriters express themselves through their music.
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