It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Album: Falling Into You (1996)
Charted: 3 2
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  • This song was written by Jim Steinman, who also wrote many hit songs for Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler. Steinman has said that the lyrics to the song were inspired by the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

    Steinman wrote the song for a version of his play Neverland, which is based on the Peter Pan story. In Steinman's play, the song is sung by a middle-aged Wendy when Peter Pan returns to her after 20 years.
  • Pandora's Box, an all-girl group assembled by Jim Steinman, originally recorded this song in 1989. Despite a lavish Ken Russell video, the single limped to #51 in the UK, and was never released in America. Steinman claims that he put about $1 million into the Pandora's Box project, explaining that he did so out of priorities. "I care as deeply about this music as other people care about their children," he said.
  • In 2006 Meat Loaf released his version of the song as duet with Norwegian singer Marion Raven, which he thought would capture the feelings between the man and his dead lover. Meat Loaf claimed, however, that he recorded the song to create a friendship with Steinman which had turned sour in recent years. It appeared on Meat Loaf's album Bat Out Of Hell 3: The Monster Is Loose. >>
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  • After Jim Steinman penned this, Meat Loaf had hoped to bag the song for himself. "That was my song," Meat Loaf laughingly told Billboard magazine in 2006. "I wanted to record it, and Jim said, 'Let's wait,' and so I took him at his word. The next thing you know, Celine Dion is recording it."
  • Steinman called the track "an erotic motorcycle." He explained on his website: "It's like Heathcliff digging up Cathy's corpse and dancing with it in the cold moonlight. You can't get more extreme, operatic or passionate than that." He's referring to a mythical scene in the book that doesn't actually occur. Heathcliff does have her exhumed but doesn't disturb the corpse.
  • The power ballad is about the dangerous allure of a toxic romance, not the happy reunion of two ex-lovers, Steinman explained: "I was trying to write a song about dead things coming to life. I was trying to write a song about being enslaved and obsessed by love, not just enchanted and happy with it. It was about the dark side of love and about the extraordinary ability to be resurrected by it once dead. It's about obsession, and that can be scary because you're not in control and you don't know where it's going to stop. It says that, at any point in somebody's life, when they loved somebody strongly enough and that person returns, a certain touch, a certain physical gesture can turn them from being defiant and disgusted with this person to being subservient again. And it's not just a pleasurable feeling that comes back, it's the complete terror and loss of control that comes back. And I think that's ultimately a great weapon."
  • This was used in the 2018 movies Like Father and The Breaker Upperer. It was also featured in the TV shows Glee ("Nationals" - 2012) and The Nanny ("Fran's Gotta Have It" - 1997).

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  • AnonymousI have also read that a Young Viggo Mortensen is the phantom lover, but I have also read that he was just a Model in Czechoslovakia, (where the video was made).
  • Nagging Question from New JerseyMy sister keeps asking the same question over and over again: Who's the guy in the video? And yes, i'm talking about the Celine Dion video. If anyone has the answer, please drop it on this page so we can all get some sleep tonight without nagging questions......
  • Kristin from Maine Why can’t I find who the guy is in the video? Who is he? I’ve read a couple comments n totally agree it’s weird that the info on him has disappeared or was never credited. It’s bugging me I gotta know. Ugh! If anyone knows pls say sumthn!
  • Chantell Snyder from Oregon In the Céline Dion version, is he is killed in a freak accident. (My guess is after a fight,) if you listen to the lyrics ). And the shock of it causes her to lose all memory of him.Then one night she starts having vision's of him and finally she starts remembering him. I don't think it's his ghost she is seeing, I think it is her memory. coming back. So the point of the story is she can REMEMBER him now. Also, I think I read the guy in the video is actor, Viggo Morrison. Is it?
  • Bccooper from TexasDoes anyone else find it very very odd that it is absolutely impossible to find who the man on the motorcycle, in the pictures, haunting her in the video was. Seriously not even listed as a cast member in the video. Apparently that man is also Celine Dion. I guess she is really just a man who cross dresses so she did both parts.
  • Sophie-louise from EnglandI have listened to the Celine version but Lea Michele sang it best in 3x21 as Rachel Berry on Glee.
  • Joseph from Reading, United KingdomThe original singer from Pandoras Box, who sang this song is called Elaine Caswell. it is said that she fainted 5 times during its recording and that the song had to be rewritten in a lower key so the notes could be reached. She can be seen in the video lying on a table. That video was made at Pinewood studios in England. The video was said to be one of the most expensive videos ever made and is certainly very thought provoking. Celine Dions version is very different and shorter. She was left standing on a conveyor belt for around 8 hours trying to capture the part of her video where the walls move around her.
  • Reza from Shiraz, Irangreat song greater voice ( wish celine werent from the french part of canada, some sounds come out of her nose instead of her mouth)
  • Madison from Norway, MeAs sappy as Celine is, I like this song.
  • Ankit from Bangalore, IndiaHave not heard the Celine Dion version, but Meatloaf version is cool.
  • Stacy from Evansville, InIt is actually a beautiful song. I have it on my MySpace profile right now because it is excactly how I feel about this situation right now. I need to get over this jerky man very fast and plan on slamming the door and not looking back, as the lyrics suggest.
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