You And I

Album: A New Day... Live in Las Vegas (2004)


  • A Canadian advertising executive named Jacques Duval came up with the line "You and I were meant to fly," and thought it would make a great song for his client, Air Canada, to use in a campaign. Unfortunately, Air Canada looked like it was nearing bankruptcy and in no position to start a new promotion. Duval is good friends with Celine Dion and her manager/husband Rene Angelil. He brought the idea to Angelil, who suggested contacting the Canadina songwriter Aldo Nova, who had a hit in 1981 with "Fantasy" and cowrote Dion's 2002 track "A New Day Has Come." Nova put the song together and Dion recorded it for A New Day... Live in Las Vegas as one of two studio tracks on the 2004 album. Later that year, Air Canada's financial condition had improved and Duval convinced them to use it for a new ad campaign, which they did.
  • This is not the first song originally written for an ad campaign. In 1971, The New Seekers released "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" for a Coke commercial.
  • In 2007, Hillary Clinton began using this as her presidential campaign song after her staff selected it from a contest where users could make suggestions. Apparently, this very Canadian song didn't inspire a patriotic vibe, and Clinton began using songs like "American Girl" and "9 to 5."


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