Album: Spiderman Soundtrack (2002)
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  • This was written for the movie Spiderman. The web crawler is the hero that will save us.
  • Chad Kroeger is the lead singer of rock band Nickelback. They had a huge hit with the song "You Remind Me." Singing with him on the track is Josey Scott from the group Saliva. Scott and Kroeger wrote the song while their bands were on tour together. >>
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  • This won the 2002 MTV Video Music Award for Best Video from a Film.
  • A dispute over profits from this song led to a rift between Kroeger and Scott. Scott, in his band Saliva, included a lyric in one of the bands songs that insults Nickelback because of it. >>
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  • Ozzfestamy from Los Angeles, CaOMG! Were any of you actually present during any of this whole thing going down? I very highly doubt it. I say that because I was. If you want the real story ask someone that was on the bus. That would be ME! I was there when Jerry called Chad to tell him that Layne had died. Their conversation had nothing to do with the song Hero. Anyone that knows anything about Chad would know that he had a mobile recording studio on the bus so that he could write while he was on the road. How do you think that the band was able to pump out so many tracks and lay out so many albums. Josey is simply the nice guy that thought of Chad as a friend and never saw him as the backstabbing sort. Any band that ever wound up working with Chad always winds up sounding like Chad and Nickelback. When it comes to stealing from others he has no issue in doing so. He even stole 3 Doors Down's Drummer while they were out on tour together. How he went about that was shady as well. It gave me the honor of seeing that dirty politics was not beyond him.

    Here are the links to the truth:

    So, whoever the hell told Megan that; which I assume was Chad somehow lied to her. Lying is not beyond him either! Why do you think that he has so many haters? Most of them that hate him have legitimate reason to. He will smile in your face as he plots to stab you in the back. When you no longer serve a purpose to him he will get rid of friendship with you and like the little boy that cried wolf there will be a excuse. So, Megan, Good try trying to play clean-up. I have a hard time not believing that you are Chad himself with some fake profile trying to play clean-up. The fans should know the truth though. Even if Chad had the intentions of using Cantrell on the song, he and Josey created it together because of the fact that they were on tour together. Josey is the sort of person that was trying to help out though. Anyone that knows Josey knows that this is the truth, Thank you for your time. Josey even wrote a song about the aftermath on Survival of the Sickest.


    Why would he of went to all of the trouble to write a song that covered this feud and his own band back him up unless they knew it was the truth? So, Whatever Megan!!!! Chad must of charmed you! He is known for that when it is in his best interest to do so.
  • [txm]fox from Scottsville, KyAfter some intense research over all this i have to agree with Megan, Almonte, ON

    Thats basically how it went down :P

    Great song tho, almost my fav by them except for Feelin Way Too Damn Good
  • Brownie-p from Hermiston, OrThe two bassists are Paul Iverson of Stranger Advance and Mike Kroeger (Chad's brother) of Nickelback.
  • Hollis Wood from Shawnee, OkHero is talking about every day heroes that we can see in plain sight and some that are hidden but we just have to search.
  • Paul from North Van, BcThe bassist on the song is Paul Iverson (formerly of Strange Advance) Mike Kroeger was chosen to be in the video , much like Matt Cameron performed on the track but was not in the video .
  • Ted from Newcastle, United KingdomDespite being in the video, Our Lady Peace's Jeremy Taggart doesnt actually drum on the track. The drums were laid down by Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam). He couldnt attend the video shoot so Taggart stepped in... it was a tough job, but someone had to do it :-)
  • Megan from Almonte, OnI am so high, I can hear heaven.
    I am so high, I can hear heaven.
    Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me.

    And they say that a hero can save us.
    I'm not gonna stand here and wait.
    I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
    Watch as we all fly away.

    Someone told me that love would all save us.
    But how can that be?
    Look what love gave us.
    A world full of killing, and blood-spilling,
    That world never came.


    Now that the world isn't ending,
    It's love that I'm sending to you.
    It isn't the love of a hero,
    That's why I fear it won't do.


    And they're watching us (Watching us)
    Watching as we all fly away.
    And they're watching us (Watching us)
    Watching as we all fly away.
    And they're watching us (Watching us)
    Watching as we all fly away.

    see? read the lyrics, then read a song by Alice and Chains (maybe Heaven Beside You or Nutshell). Then you will all get to see the similarities between them
  • Megan from Almonte, OnK here's the deal, Josey Scott was not even supposed to have ANY part in this song!! Chad was going to do this song with Jerry Cantrell (from Alice In Chains) - who WROTE the song. That is why the song says "And they say that a hero can save us, I'm not gonna stand here and wait" Why would Chad OR Josey write that!? But when Jerry and Chad were going to record the song, Layne Staley (singer of Alice In Chains) had died and Jerry was off to his funeral. And because Chad apparently cannot wait, he got Josey to do the backup vocals and guitar that Jerry was supposed to do, instead of waiting until later when Jerry could actually do the song. I still think the song is O.K but I would have liked it much more if it was Jerry doing the backup instead of Josey.
  • Elli from Alberta, CanadaK so all of these are pretty well known comments, my question/comment is in the video there is Chad Kroeger (Nickelback and Alberta born), Josey Scott(Saliva), Tyler Connoly (Theory of a Deadman and Chad's cousin), and on drums is Our Lady Peace's Jeremy Taggart. But who is the bassist?
  • Corey from Bloomsburg, PaGuys, just so you know, most of those "song facts" are incorrect. Josey Scott of Saliva didn't have any part in the writing of this song. Chad Kroeger wrote the song, as Dave said, way before the Spiderman movie hit the big screen. Later on, Tyler Connoly of Theory of a Deadman wrote the solo. In the video, you can see Tyler playing the black les paul off to the far left. However, sadly, since Josey is up front and center, people tend to assume he had something to do with the song.

    On a side note, you guys should seriously check out Theory of a Deadman. They're a great band, and I think you'd like them.
  • Morgan from New York, NyThis song is wonderful!!My 1 year old daughter sings every word to it!!Spider-man is the best movie ever!!NICKELBACK ROCKS!!!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandAnd the chorus rips Seal's 'Kiss From A Rose' off something chronic
  • Angela from Philadelphia, PaI don't really know how to descrie this song. There are many, many aspects that contribute to the song. The first being the element of a hero and knowing that there ist alwasy someone just waiting to rescue you from all the bad in the world. The next is that you have to be your own hero to survive in this song.
  • Dave from Edmonton, CanadaThis song was actually written way before "Spiderman" was released. Chad took it to the rest of the band. They agreed it was a hit, but not for Nickelback. Chad tucked it away and when Sony came knocking with an oppertunity to be on the soundtrack, it was a natural fit.
  • Paco from Peoria, Ilthis song was good, but got old quickly...and no, spiderman is NOT the best superhero movie ever, xmen 2 is!
  • Chris from Hamilton, New Zealandright up there with HOW YOU REMIND ME. i think chad has issues that come out in his lyrics. he sounds quite angry.
  • Sco from Plano, TxYou know what's really cool about this song? It's on the best superhero movie ever!
  • Hans from Oakdale, CaHERO ROCKS! It has an awesome sound to it and is really catchy. One of my favorite rock songs yet!
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