Hip Hop Police

Album: Ultimate Victory (2007)
Charted: 50
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  • Chamillionaire (Hakeem Seriki) recorded this song about policing Hip-Hop with the help of rapper Slick Rick.
  • Unlike many Hip-Hop tracks, there are no profanities in this song and even Radio Disney has given it airplay. However a radio-friendly clean version still had to be recorded where references to firearms and controlled substances have been edited out.
  • The video features Chamillionaire being arrested for "Hip Hop crimes" and an anchorman reports on a national crackdown on rappers including Jay Z, Kanye West and Eminem.
  • Chamillionaire comments on artistdirect.com: "The average mind will listen to it and think, 'another police record,' but it's really about people policing Hip-Hop. These days, it's become the equivalent of committing a murder to love Hip-Hop. There's so much controversy: n-word, f-word, b-word. All this negative press surrounding Rap. So it's basically a story about that. Definitely a conversation piece. And featuring the legendary Slick Rick"
  • On rapindustry.com, Chamillionaire says: "The inspiration came from watching so many videos talking about the club and VIP, and I'm like wow, we all doing the same thing and not realizing it. I'm do something different. I know people think the record is about the actual police but its not, its about people trying to police Hip-Hop in general."
  • Chamillionaire talks about the album on sixshot.com: "I named it the Sound Of Revenge for 2 reasons and one is because there are people out there that will go to sleep feeling very good at night if I fail. The thought of my failure is a good feeling to some people and this album is gonna give them the opposite of that feeling. Some people feel like it's their job to try and crush your confidence and I don't let anything or what anyone says stop me from being successful and success is the best revenge. The goal is to make an album that the world will love and I intend to drop an album that sounds like I was successful in my attempt. There are people who hype up everything and don't live up to the hype and I want my music to match the hype of the album."

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  • Dre from Norfolk, Vathis song is from his 2nd album "Ultimate Victory" not Sound Of Revenge
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