An Evening With El Diablo

Album: Wonder What's Next (2002)
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  • Drummer Sam Loeffler: "That's a little bit of a joke. It's about meeting a person that you sort of randomly meet. I think it's about a specific time when Pete met somebody and thought, 'Wow, this person's really cool,' and then finds out later on that they're exactly the opposite of everything good. Essentially, that they're the devil. Not literally the devil, but everything that you would say that is bad in this world that person is about that. The devil's pawn. But your first impression is that this person's really cool, I want to hang out with them and do this and that, and then you go out with them and find out that they're snorting everything they can get and that they're bagging every girl they come across, all this stuff. It was about a time you met somebody like that and it's funny how people can cover up the real things that they're about, so that they can get to a certain point and then they unload on you. So, it's about finding out later 'Wow, I just spent an evening with the devil.' It started out cool and in the end I realized that this guy was crazy. >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Elisabeth from Aurora, Iltotaly love this song. vocals are amazing. chills every time.
  • Robby from Lynchburg, OhBravo, Maura.
  • Maura from Orlando, FlIt's "An Evening With El DIABLO". If you're gonna post up a song, at LEAST get the name right, peoples. Chevelle kicks ass and they deserve to have the names of their songs spelled CORRECTLY.
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