Album: Vena Sera (2008)
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  • This song could serve as a reference to several issues such as sloth, apathy, or depression, all of which bear the similarities of being secluded from the rest of the world and the refusal to face daily challenges; topics that are abundant throughout the song.
    However, "Humanoid" might also be directed towards Joe Loeffler, former Chevelle bassist and the youngest of the Loeffler brothers, as the song contains a number of lines that seem to be alluding to his departure from the band. In a 2006 interview, Pete Loeffler talked about Joe's numerous resignations from the band, saying that he had "quit many, many times before," before confirming that the last time Joe was confronted about his latest resignation and he denied it, he was told, "Too bad, because now, it's really over." These events might be referred to in the song lines "On a bend, beg to fail/Properly holding your grudge/That said, you're full of s--t", which may also be referring to Joe openly expressing feeling insulted over the website announcement about his departure as well as his claims that he was fired without question.
    Sam Loeffler had also made comments in the past about how it was no secret that Joe hated traveling and did not care much about the workload and pressure of touring, which the lines "Hated work/Loved the scene" might be referencing. The media comments from both sides after Joe's departure from Chevelle establish an impression that Joe may have not been putting in his share of the hard work and dedication critical to the group's success on tours. The lyrics of "Humanoid" seem to fall rather well into this situation. >>
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