Blacked Out

Album: Losing Sleep (2017)
  • Chris Young closes his Losing Sleep album with this track. He told Taste of Country, the moment he wrote the song with Jon Randall and Josh Hoge he knew that they had something special.

    "We wrote it in about 45 minutes and I was like, 'That is awesome,'" Young said. "I was immediately playing that one for people."
  • Young is in pain after his girl left him. He is drinking shots in order to get blacked out,

    Like Elvis in 1968
    Like Johnny Cash any given day
    Like a Mach 1 Fastback Mustang

    It was Randall who suggested naming other things that are blacked out. "He picks up the guitar and started playing the lick that you hear," Young recalled, "and he goes, 'Like this.' And he spit about half of the chorus out and I go, 'Yeah, that sounds pretty cool.'"


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