Famous Friends
by Chris Young (featuring Kane Brown)

Album: Yet to be titled (2020)


  • On "Famous Friends," Kane Brown joins Chris Young to raise a glass to hometown legends.
  • During the upbeat track's trio of choruses, the pair reference three counties of significance. In the first chorus, Young and Brown celebrate Rutherford County in Chris' hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

    I've got some famous friends you've probably never heard of
    But back in Rutherford County, our crowd is second to none

    In the second hook, the pair sub in Brown''s native Hamilton County, on the Tennessee and Georgia border. A final chorus name-offs Davidson County, where they both live in Nashville.

    "This song is a piece of me, and it means a lot because it's honest and it's real life," said Young in a press release. "Plus, Kane and I are good friends, and being able to have that history together, it adds a whole other level to the track."
  • Young told Radio.com's Kelly Ford that the tune speaks to a universal support system most people feel growing up in a community. "This song is our take on the people you grew up with, and a small town song," he said. "Maybe not even a small town, but your home town. Just reminding you of the people you grew up with."
  • Young and Brown based the lyrics on the personal relationships they have in their communities.

    My buddy Brandon holds the record
    For single-season touchdown throws
    And good ol' Johnny, he's the life of every party
    It's like cheers the know him everywhere he goes

    When Young dropped the single, he and Brown hadn't warned their friends they were about to be name-dropped. "These are all real people. Not all of them know they're in the song yet," he admitted. "So I expect at least one or two text messages asking, 'Is this me?'"
  • The two country stars have worked together before: They previously collaborated on "Setting the Night on Fire," a track on the 2017 deluxe edition of Brown's eponymous debut album. Brown also guested on Young's 2018 Losing Sleep World Tour.
  • Young originally wrote "Famous Friends" with Cary Barlowe and Corey Crowder in Tampa, Florida, in 2018. Young then texted Brown and asked, "What do you think about this?"

    Brown and Young first teased "Famous Friends" in early 2019, after Brown recorded his vocals for the track. Kane offered fans a one-minute snippet on social media in May 2020 where the singers can be heard chanting the first chorus. He told fans to "blow up" Young to get him to release the song. The Rutherford County singer listened and dropped it as a single on November 20, 2020.


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