Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)

Album: The Man I Want To Be (2009)
Charted: 33


  • This is the second single from Country music artist Chris Young's sophomore studio album, The Man I Want To Be.
  • On this suggestive song Young sings about his date's black dress. Much as she looks nice in it, all he can think about is "gettin' [her] home" and seeing her black dress hit the floor.
  • While mixing the song in the studio, Young's grandparents stopped by. The singer told Country Weekly their presence made him a little nervous. Said Young laughing: "All day long goes by, and we were on the seventh or eighth song. I thought, 'Well, they're not coming. We might as well do 'Gettin' You Home.' Obviously it's one of the more sexier songs on the record. So we get ready to start mixing it and of course as soon as we do, they walk in. The whole time I'm going, 'This is not going to go well!' They heard it one time, and my grandmother looks up and goes, 'I just love that song!' I'm looking at her thinking I don't know whether to be really excited that she likes it or what! So that became her favorite song on the album."
  • When this reached #1 on Hot Country Songs, it was the first single on the RCA label to achieve this feat since Sara Evans led the tally with "A Real Fine Place to Start" four years previously, in September 2005.
  • Chris Young is the first Nashville Star contestant to top the Country chart. (He was the 2006 Nashville Star champion).

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  • Jayson from Winnipeg, MbIt's funny that Black dresses seem to be the craze. A canadian singer came out with a song called little black dress at the beginning of summer. His name is Jerry Sereda I think. Check it out.
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