Album: Stripped (2002)
Charted: 1 48
  • The video is very raunchy and sexually explicit. It features Aguilera in some kind of underworld wearing very little clothing. In one scene, she wins a fight, and in another she dances suggestively in a shower. It created a new image for Aguilera, who suffered a breakdown before recording the album and wanted to take more control of her career. She was 21 when this was released.
  • Shortly after the video came out, Tina Fey said on Saturday Night Live that it "Gave her television genital warts."
  • In the boxing ring scene of the video, there are posters promoting the sex industry in Thailand. Written in Thai, they read, "Thailand's Sex Tourism" and "Young Underage Girls." The Thai TV stations banned the video and the government asked for an apology, which they got from the video's director, David LaChapelle, who claimed he had no idea what the posters said and had no intention of offending the people of Thailand.
  • The extra "R" in the title is intentional. Nelly did the same thing earlier in the year on his hit "Hot In Herre" and the rapper Chingy did it in 2003 on "Right Thurr." The bonus letter is supposed to emphasize the title, not just screw up our spell-checker.
  • This was the first single from Aguilera's sophomore album. Her first album was released in 1999 and sold over 8 million copies.
  • Redman does the rap in this song.
  • The song didn't get a lot of radio play, but the video did very well. It was #1 on MTV's Total Request Live, and most likely responsible for sending more than one adolescent directly through puberty.

Comments: 17

  • Daniel from Winchester, OhAs a guy I get made fun of for having and liking this song, but you know what I don't care, this is a great song and I love it!!
  • Hector from Cd. Victoria, MexicoThe outfit that Christina Aguilera used for this video is in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • Violet from Santa Barbara , CaI just don't see how the song is ripped of Trampled Underfoot. Sure, it may have a verrrry faint similar beat, if that...but nowhere near a copy of the song. Actually, Christina was inspired by Redman's "Let's Get Dirty," and you can definitely hear the influence (mostly in Redman's rapping but also the beat). But Led Zeppelin? Please! A lot of music is recycled and revisited though...
  • Logan from Troy, MtEverytime I hear this song, I always picture a dance scene in something like "Stomp the Yard" or "You Got Served", except when two people are about to have a dance off, people start shouting, instead of indicating a dance-off by yelling that, they yell, "Choreographed Dance Scene!"
    And I laugh. Something that would kind of be seen a scary movie sort of way.
  • Krissy from Canada, United Statesi looooooove this song..I just don't think girls should dress like this to sell records..she has an amzing voice................but it's her body and she can dress how she dares too.
  • Alastair from Winnipeg, CanadaNice video, eh? Yah it's pretty sw33t but it gives out the wrong message to the little kids who watch mtv, muchmusic, razer (im from canada so muchmusic and razer mite not be so familiar) at the same time though, these kids shouldn't be watching mtv and that stuff if there's so much "explicit" images on it. At least wait until your old enough to understand this sort of stuff so u don't get all your information about sex from TV when ur 8. Its the parents choice to tell there kids what they can and can't watch.
  • Billy from Boston, MaI've noticed Led Zeppelin has been brought up in every artist's chat room. That's Awesome!!!!! Go Zeppelin!! Rock On Zeppelin fans!!!! I see a faint connection between the beat of Led Zeppelin's Trampled Underfoot and this song.
    Modern artists rip off Led Zeppelin because they know they suck and they can't come up with they're own sons and they know they'll never be as good as Led Zeppelin. Puff Daddy's a poser!!!!
  • Whitney from Hazelhurst, GaDaisy, I completely agree! I love this song, bought the album but HATE Christina!
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhMakes sense ripping off Led Zeppelin, Puff Daddy did the same thing. Crappy singers (I can't in good taste call them artists, c'mon!) always steal good material.
  • Danny from Sydney, Australiashe may be a babe, but she ripped off Zeppelin, an offence worthy of death
  • Angela from Philadelphia, Pashe WAS she's just trying to be something that she isnt...a poser is a poser plain and simple
  • Joseph from Manteca, CaIt DOES sound like Trampled Underfoot.
  • Nathan from Brisbane, AustraliaAnyone notice how this sounds like Trampled Underfoot by Led Zeppelin
  • Mj from Boston, Mai'm not so crazy about the almost-naked look but she can really sing.
  • Brad from Manteca, CaI would understand her outfits if she was doing it in the name of art or expression, but she is just taking her clothes off to boost low record sales and combat a waning interest in bubblegum pop "music" in general, so she should be ashamed...
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkWhy not just let Christina dress the way she wants to? She is an adult, and it's not her fault if younger kids starts dressing like her. It's their parents job to tell them they can't do that, so why does people make such a big fuss about it?! The blame is put on the wrong person, y'all just gotta get over yourselves, and let Christina be Christina!
  • Lara from Cape Town, South AfricaIt's cool but a bit boring after hearing it a MILLION times! I like BEAUTIFUL way better! It really shows off her talent & ja, she has got a great voice! Never mind being basically naked every time you see her, this girl has got a great voice!
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