Hot In Herre

Album: Nellyville (2002)
Charted: 4 1
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  • The extra "R" in "Herre" is there to indicate that it is really hot. Definitely hotter than just one "R." It's also a written expression of the St. Louis accent, where Nelly is from. Christina Aguilera did the same thing on her song, "Dirrty," which needed the extra "R" because it was really dirty. Another rap hit from the time, "Right Thurr" by Chingy (also from St. Louis), used the extra R as well.
  • This was produced by The Neptunes, who are the team of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams. In addition to their own group N.E.R.D, they produced for Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and many others, specializing in high-energy hip-hop beats. Nelly makes reference the producers in the line, "Nelly took a trip from the Luna to Neptunes."
  • The groove is based on "Bustin' Loose," a huge go-go hit for Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers released in 1978. Nelly's line "I feel like bustin' loose" also comes from that track.
  • In the summer of 2002, this was a huge hit. Listening to it didn't require a lot of thought, and Nelly had already established himself as a rapper focused on enjoying life. These kind of songs tend to do well in the summer, like "Summertime" by D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (summer of '91) and "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin (summer of '99)
  • This won the Grammy Award for Best Male Rap Solo Performance in 2003. Nelly performed part of the song at the ceremony, and was then joined on stage by Kelly Rowland so they could sing "Dilemma," their duet that took the award for Best Rap/Sung Performance. Nellyville was nominated for Album of the Year, but lost to Come Away With Me by Norah Jones.
  • Nelly's Grammy performance of this song was in questionable taste, as the stage was designed to look like it was engulfed in flames while Nelly was performing. A few days earlier, nearly 100 people died when pyrotechnics at a Great White concert in Rhode Island set a small club on fire, something that wasn't even mentioned on the show.
  • Nelly performed this with P. Diddy at halftime of the 2004 Super Bowl. It was a lively show, but most of us remember only the last few seconds of it, when Justin Timberlake ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson's costume, exposing her breast.
  • Nelly recalled recording the song in a 2010 interview with XXL magazine: "I did that in L.A… I remember 'cause Busta was in the same studio and he came through and he heard the beat and you know how Busta is, you know he's over the top. He's life, 'Yo, god! What is that sound?!!?!? [Laughs] What is that sound coming from here, god? Oh my, god! Pharrell, where was that beat at? Where was that? You were hiding that from me!' It was a little unorthodox for the time definitely coming out from 'Country Grammar' …to a Pharrell [beat], that 'Hot in Herre' sound. But, it worked and it helped me too 'cause it helped me show versatility, not just having to do one angle on some s--t."
  • Weird Al Yankovic recorded a parody of this called "Trash Day," about a guy who refuses to take out the trash and then describes it. >>
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  • San Francisco's Latino Mix 105.7 played this for 18 hours straight on a continuous loop starting at 3 p.m. (PDT) on March 14, 2014. It was reportedly an act of stunting to promote the radio station's branding change to "Hot 105.7."
  • The song featured in ads aired during the summer of 2016 for Bud Light's Lime-a-Rita line.
  • Nelly got some heat from the IRS in 2016 when the agency hit him with a tax lien of $2,412,283. Fans responded by throwing an online streaming party for this song, hashtag #HotInHerreStreamingParty, to help out with his tax burden. Unfortunately, royalties from streaming services are in the $0.006 range, meaning it would take about 400 million steams to erase his debt.

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  • Gigi T from Long Island, NyThe very beginning of this song sounds like a sample from the beginning of Neal Young’s song “There’s a World”.
  • Jon from Colchester, United KingdomThe electric piano at the start (a Rhodes?) sounds like it was sampled from Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top.
  • Pkun from Frisco, CaSampled Bustin' Loose - Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, Njits okay, but i like Grillz better
  • Shanita from Hempstead, Nyall ya haters out therre need to stop hatin on nelly. just cause he fine and talanted don't mean yal gotta dogg on 'em!!! any way this song is a very HOT song and evrytime is played i listen to it (and all his other songs) as do 100,000,000+ people.
  • Renee from Nellyville, MoTom, Mike, Nathan, Madeline, Hans are some ole hating b***es. Nelly is the hottest rapper to come out of the Midwest PERIOD!!!!!!!! Yall just need to leave my husband the hell alone. Atleast he making millions doing what the f**k he do, and all that hating yall doing aint getting all no where. Just let Nelly be Nelly and yall do yall stupid hating a** b***es
  • Tom from Dosen't Matter, CtThis wannabe' rapper proves all to well...big bucks are yours thought you cann't sppelle :-)
  • Alex from Gaithersburg, MdI love this song. When we have gymtastics in my middle school they play this song therre
  • Mike from Germantown, MdIf you ask me, I Think Nelly, and many other rappers, I'm Not just singling out Nelly, are horny, sex-crazed scoundrels and thir shouting and grunting is the lamest excuse for music that I have ever hears.
  • Mike from Germantown, MdI am so Sick of this Song. I Hear it Everywhere. I like my music without cursing, invites to take your clothes off and girls in bikinis on the album covers. Thank You.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhNelly is a hack!
  • Ed from London, Canada"Weird Al" Yankovic parodied this song on his album "Poodle Hat"
  • Madeline from Melbourne, AustraliaThis is the worst excuse for music....Nelly can't even afford an air conditioner for christ sakes..but seriously this is highly annoying and and doesnt make me feel like taking my clothes off
  • Jenn from Cleveland, Oh"The extra "R" in "Herre" is there to indicate that it is really hot. Definitely hotter than just one "R." Christina Aguilera did the same thing on her song, "Dirrty," which needed the extra "R" because it was really dirty." that has got to be one of the funniest things i have ever read.
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, Alwhile I agree with you on the hot in here comment i have to say that Hey ya is an absolutely amazing song and after hearing it every weekend for the last year im still not tired of it - Andre 3000 Rocks! unlike nelly whos more concerned with waving his arms around than entertaining people.
  • Kelly from Burbank, CaI agree with Kurt, when I first heard this song I thought the beat was pretty catchy, but after that every time I heard it would just slap my hand against my forehead and think, "Oh God why!". Because it really is that annoying. I think the same thing with Hey Ya.
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlThis song is so played out, but you gotta admit it was catchy
  • Marvin from East Brady, Pai was on this one trip w/ my church and around the priests/chaperones this one kid sang the altered lyrics "it's getting hot in herrrrrrrre so take you sweater off"...i thought it was so funny...especially the exadgerrated rrrrrrr...that's the only version i like
  • Nick from Paramus, NjYou're not
  • Hans from Oakdale, CaI am so sick of this song. I hear it every school dance i go to. About 5 times! and still i feel like im the only one who has a problem with it!
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