Album: Back to Basics (2006)
Charted: 11 19
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  • Aguilera wrote the lyrics in memory of her father. On radio station WAKS in Cleveland, Ohio, Aguilera said she was sorry because the last musical thing her father heard from her before he passed away was how she hated him for abusing her mother. She never got the chance to say "I'm sorry, I still love you" before he died. The grief caused so much pain that she wrote a song for him telling how she was sorry for blaming him for everything bad that happened in her parents' relationship. >>
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    Kelli - Some City, OH
  • This returned to the UK Top 40 a year after its release as a result of a performance of this song by Hope on the British talent show X Factor. In 2009 the song leapt back into the UK Top 40 again after a performance by X Factor contestant Jamie Archer.

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  • Mary from Saint Joseph, MoIt is so special to me because I have been bullied and I have been a bully...And I think of this song when I know I have over over stepped across the line. And when I feel like its the best way to say I'm sorry...Thank you....
  • Ana from Ålesund, NorwayI love this song, becouse i`m in the same posision as she is :( i too just lost my dad, and i didt talk with his so much, because hi too abusing my mum <3 and now i miss him soooo much that it hurts.... hi was only 49 years old... :( sow tanks for making this song....
  • Murilo from Saquarems, BrazilShe's a great singer, I can't deny! And she was very smart writing this lyrics! Even if he can't hear her, she left her pride! It's pretty cool... If I could, I'd congratulate her! Well, that's my comment...
  • Karen from Mankato, MnHurt was written by Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry, and Mark Ronson
  • Jazz from Sanford, FlSome of you make me laugh, She does write her own lyrics, and through her entire career, she was labeled the black sheep between britney, Jessica, and herself, and here she is the one who has the best voice, I mean not many POP singers can sing Occapella and still sound amazing, Britney sure can't, and she was even better when she went through her Rebel stage, this is when she was truthful about everything including sex. SO there was nothing to clean up, she has just grown now to be a mother, and wife,and she is even better now. This song makes tears build. Stop hating.
  • Jeffrey from Cleveland, OhDaniel from Tenessee is obviously a complete (non nice person)........ Look, I'm a hard rock singer and basically I hate pop music, but anyone with a brain can recognize the gift this woman has as a vocalist. I don't know anything about her other than I just read, "she was the small girl in her hometown with the big voice" and nobody would challenge her in a singing contest.

    Daniel the (non nice person) can't understand the difficulty of singing a song like this. Hey, I'm a singer, and I can say.. no way me or anyone I know could pull of this off. Just for the record, I don't know much of anything about Christina.... I was just moved by this performance and lyric.
  • Daniel from Nashville, TnThis chick has as much talent as any other above average karaoke singer. It only shows that sex sells these days, not talent.
  • Jess from Bangor, United KingdomShe DOES write her own lyrics look on the cover of bak to basics it says her name in brakets after all the songs which means she wrote them all..
  • Moji from Miami, Cait is actually about linda perry's father's death. christina doesn't write her own lyrics....
  • Amanda from Evergreen, CoSHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SINGER EVER! I'm so glad she cleaned up her act and has remade herself! I absolutley love this song although it is very sad....
  • Amanda from Evergreen, CoShe is the most BEAUTIFUL
  • Nicole from N/a, WiI love the lyrics to this song, I find it addicting to listen to. Very sad, but also very touching.
  • Stephanie from Los Angeles, CaThis is the best song from her. I really love it and she is the best singer ever.
  • Jessica from Broken Arrow, OkShe is one of the best female artist. Brittany and Jessica will never come close to being as good. Her voice is so powerful and she has proved that she can sing much more than just hip hop.
  • Laura from London, EnglandOf any female singer ever, I acnnot find fault in Christinas vocals in this song. PERFECT!
  • Danny from Kiev, OtherI've been crying when I first saw video...
  • Liv from Wagga Wagga, AustraliaI Love this song. It makes me cry ! The clip is so touching. christina is such a beautiful singer and i think she deserves every good thing she has! i love this song! it must have been so bad! i think about my dad everytime i hear this
  • Valerie from Allentown, PaI absolutely love this song. It came out like a month after my Dad passed away and it reminds me so much of him. I miss him so much and we had a really close relationship even though we argued a lot, but i always tried to act like i was his Mom. I miss my dad so much and i would do anything just to have him here with me today. This song is very touching and made me bawl my eyes out. R.I.P. DAD! :-(
  • Stacey from Rotherham, Englandhey guys! actually this was written by linda perry (former member of 4 non blondes) she's worked with christina aguilera on her stripped album too...linda wrote this about her dad who sadly passed away.
    stacey xxx
    ps absolutly beautiful and such a touching song.
  • Mathura from Newport Coast, CaThis song isn't about her dad. She co-wrote the song with someone else. The person she co-wrote it with lost HER father and that's who the song is about. Not Christina's.
  • Amanda from El Dorado, KsI just lost a guy i was seeing for a year 1/2 to suicide, and this song helps me everyday i hear it. I love him so much. RIP Steve Crank
  • Emilio from San Luis PotosÃ?, MexicoI am mexican, and my daughter loves this song. It's beautiful
  • Erin from Pittsburgh, PaI have the lyrics to this song. I sing it every day. My friend's dad died a few years ago. She's gonna sing it for the talent show in memory of him.
    R.I.P. Thomas Wilson
  • Leah from Bunbury, United Statesi love this song it reminds me of my grandad and me he past away 3yrs ago and i want him back xoxo
    from leah
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