Be My Forever

Album: Head or Heart (2014)
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  • Perri had just fallen head-over-heels for a guy when she met up with One Direction collaborator Jamie Scott in London in early 2014 to pen a song. "I was the most in love I may have ever been in my whole life, which is awesome because I knew I had a happy song in me," she told "As much as I love the heart-wrenching stuff, I didn't want to force a happy song, and I think you can always tell when a song is fake. I remember going in the studio with this guy and him looking at me and I was glowing. And I'm like, 'I'm so sorry. I'm in love. This is going to be awful. We're never going to write a song.'"

    This was the result of their collaboration, which Perri considers to be the happiest song that she's ever written.
  • The song features Perri's friend, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The singer told that the moment she wrote "Be My Forever" she knew that it would become a duet. "I was like, 'This has to be a duet and it has to be with Ed Sheeran. Please! He's my number one choice and it's all I want. It's perfect for me and him.'"

    "He doesn't really sing a lot of happy songs either," Perri added, "so we laugh about that. It's both of us doing the happiest song. He's my friend, and it just felt perfect."
  • Perri and Sheeran recorded the song in Los Angeles while Sheeran was in town on tour with Taylor Swift. "He came into the studio, and we were playing it and he was like, 'Oh my God I love this song. I want to do it.' We were like, 'Okay!' We didn't tell anyone," Perri recalled. "We didn't tell our labels. It was so organic and perfect."

    "We went into the studio and we laughed and had the best time ever," she continued. "You can hear it. We're screaming and laughing at the end. His cousin was there and says something silly at the end of the song. I feel like we captured a moment."

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  • Nicki Dv from HawaiiChristina - well, she is right up there with my really favourite artists - teaching a few tricks to the Adele's and the Amy's and the Avril's and the Sia's who are also really top notch.

    I first fell in love with Christina's Lovestrong album, as you know mostly sad songs - but 100% genuine - really beautiful stories of her life.

    "Be my forever" - well I'm so happy that she found love and happiness later.

    I know things have been a bit sad in her family life lately, but Holdstrong girl - keep trying, things will come right. I've been through that, also lost planned children - but things came right in their own time later, in abundance.

    signed with emo jis of big heart and many stars
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