Flesh Into Gear
by CKY

Album: Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild (2002)
  • This song is about getting up and going out and accomplishing something without fear or regret of any consequences. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike D - DeSoto, MO

Comments: 5

  • Billyjam from Ny The title sounds like when your balls get locked into your pants zipper...that's the analogy about do something hard in your life or get into a mess but finally you succeed on that besides the emotional scars.
  • Scott from Crown Point, Injosh, deron miller even said its about doing something productive with your life
  • Armand from Welsh, Lano my freind only bad musicians do that ...the good ones reread there lyrics and conform it to a consept then they come up with a very clever and cool title , ... by the way have you even seen the video.... this mike guy is totaly right about the songs meaning
  • Josh from Buffalo, NyWho is Mike D? I bet he's not a musician because musicians usually write a song lyrics without thinking of what it's really about. Mike didn't write it, it's his opinion. I believe its someone who's over ran by technology from the title, "Flesh Into Gear" or turning yourself into machine.
  • Hayley from Mckinney, Txthis song is so awesome, wow cky is an amazing band
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