Ain't Nobody

Album: Light After Dark (2010)
  • Birmingham, England native Clare Maguire is a singer-songwriter who specializes in torch ballads with soul, blues, and Celtic influence. Singing and writing music from the age of seven, after she posted demos on MySpace every UK and US major label courted her signature. Eventually Maguire signed a deal with Universal Music Group and this ethereal love song, which was released on October 18, 2010, is her debut single.
  • The song was produced by Fraser T Smith, who manned the boards on #1 hits for Tinchy Stryder and Taio Cruz.
  • Maguire told Artist Direct about this tune: "It's a very mysterious and passionate song; it's the most ethereal on the album. To be honest, all of the other songs are a lot more straightforward lyrically. This one is definitely a bit otherworldly." She added, regarding the song's meaning: "It's really about passion and a deep yearning for somebody. I didn't want it to be too straightforward. I wanted it to have that open, desert-y feeling, which is why I incorporated guitar. It's an epic love song."
  • The song's music video was directed by Sam Brown whose CV also includes the controversial MVA-winning clip for Jay Z's "On To The Next One." Maguire told Artist Direct that she had a big say in the planning of the video. Said the singer: "I said what I wanted, and a few different directors brought me back their ideas. Sam did exactly what I was thinking though. We had this discussion about it and then went from there. It was great because he captured precisely what I wanted for that song. I want my music videos to really capture the songs."


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