God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Album: A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002)


  • Chris Martin (from coldplay.com): "That came out of playing live and wanting to have something with a bit more bounce. We were really getting into things like P.J. Harvey and Muse - things with a bit more energy." >>
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    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England
  • The video for this song is quite disturbing. A businessman notices that his hands start to slowly disappear. He runs through the city streets in a panic and eventually collapses on the sidewalk alone. As the song ends, the man disappears completely and his clothes fall limp on the ground. >>
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    Adrian - Brookings, SD

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjThe guitars in this song are tuned a whole step and a half down, to C sharp standard (or Sabbath standard tuning as I call it).

    I've always had my own interpretation of this song, even though I never looked into the official meaning of it - I think the general message is to be happy with what you have, despite all of your disadvantages, you have a lot of good qualities and there is a lot to be thankful for:

    "Don't ever say you're on your way down when God gave you style and gave you grace, and put a smile on your face."

    Going deeper, though, it seems a lot of people like to complain and even go as far as to try to make themselves seem like martyrs in order to make people feel sorry for them. They compete with other people to see who has it worse, so they can feel superior when it turns out that the other person doesn't have as many obstacles to overcome and the other person should feel bad for them because the first person is so miserable.

    "Yeah, when you it out I'm worse than you. Yeah, when you work it out I want it to."

    It's like we want to be miserable because our disadvantages give us our self worth, when it should be the opposite, we should be striving to overcome our disadvantages to become happier instead of getting "martyr cred" from our peers because we think we're better people than them because we have more to complain about. We should look at what we DO have in our favor and embrace our talents and fortunes and enjoy them.

    "When you work out where to draw the line, you're guess is as good as mine."

    That's just my interpretation, hope it helps.
  • Chris from San Diego, Caso... can anyone explain what is going on in the video? the emptiness/meaninglessness of corporations, greed, consumerism, and business? loss of individuality? divine intervention? is the stranger an embodiment of god?
  • Ian from Ragama, Sri Lanka (ceylon)I think this song is about confused & lost people. Even though God gave us style, grace & a smile upon our faces, we still don't know where are we going. So where do we go?? Your guess is good as mine...
  • Adrian from Gettysburg, PaOne of the best songs on the album. It's got a great groove that doesn't stop until the end.
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