Down To The Bar
by Cole Swindell (featuring Hardy)

Album: Stereotype (2022)
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  • Here, Hardy joins Cole Swindell to sing about a relationship on the rocks. They sing of their lover calling it quits and packing up her car, so the two want to drink away their broken hearts. Because there's no beer at home, they ask her to drop them off at the bar on her way out of their lives.
  • Swindell and Hardy co-wrote "Down To The Bar" with Josh Thompson and the song's producer, Jordan Schmidt.
  • Swindell recorded "Down To The Bar" for his Stereotype album. Hardy has writing credits on five tracks, including the lead single, "Single Saturday Night." He also contributed backing vocals on the title song and "Every Beer."
  • Hardy and Jordan Schmidt sang the background vocals. The musicians are:

    Percussion and drums: Nir Z
    Steel guitar: Justin Schipper
    Acoustic guitar, dobro and banjo: Ilya Toshinskiy
    Electric guitar: Derek Wells
    Bass: Tony Lucido
    Piano: Alex Wright
    Hammond B3 organ: Alex Wright
  • The Michael Monaco-directed video recounts the song's story. Swindell's 2022 Down to the Bar Tour openers, Travis Denning and Ashley Cooke, play the breaking-up couple. After Cooke drops Denning off at Luke Bryan's multilevel Lower Nashville bar, 32 Bridge, Swindell serves him a round of shots.

    Monaco is a regular Swindell visual collaborator. Other videos he's directed for the country star include "You Should Be Here," "Single Saturday Night," and "Never Say Never."


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