Six Pack Lines

Album: Down Home Sessions III (2016)
  • A "six-pack line" is something a guy might tell a girl after having a few beers. The next day, there's a good chance he's retract it, blaming it on the alcohol. In this song, Swindell wants the girl to know that what he's saying is sincere, not just six-pack lines. Sure, there's a beer in his hand, but he's had just enough to get over his nerves.
  • Swindell wrote this song years before it appeared on Down Home Sessions III, his third EP. It didn't make his first album because that one contained the song "A Dozen Roses and a Six-Pack," and on his second album, he had plenty of songs with a similar subject matter.
  • In a video, Swindell explained: "It's a song saying, 'Girl, I'm not just having a couple beers, getting my courage up, saying things that aren't true. This is coming from the heart."
  • Swindell wrote this song with the Nashville songsmiths Chris DeStefano and Brandon Kinney. Kinney also co-wrote the track "Chevrolet DJ " on the Down Home Sessions III EP. Other songs he worked on include Craig Campbell's "Outta My Head" and Lonestar's "You're Like Coming Home."


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