Little Rock

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  • This is about a recovering alcoholic who is turning his life around, but misses his girlfriend. His problems cause him to lose this significant person, and he wants her back. >>
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    Josh - Pittsburgh, PA
  • At the end of the music video, a number for a help line is displayed. >>
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    Ryan - Apple Valley, MN
  • This was the first hit for songwriter Tom Douglas, who had all but given up hope on a career in songwriting. "I was in the real estate business, so I was working with Walmart Stores at the time [the song's protagonist works at a Walmart], and Bill Clinton [who was born in Arkansas] was running for president. I felt like I was starting over, just like the guy in the song," he explained in a Songfacts interview. "It was a convenient way for me to tell a story. I guess I was looking for a way to reveal something about myself, so it was more of a cathartic experience rather than thinking about the radio. I wasn't thinking about trying to write a song that somebody could record. I was just trying to validate and explain what was happening to me and was happening in the culture at the same time."
  • For Douglas, the song is about redemption: "It's redeeming a guy that is broken and he's healed. It's almost like a prodigal child trying to get back home. You know, a guy starting over. It hopefully is a very redemptive song, but like any good story, it's got to have a tension point to have a crisis so he can be redeemed."
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Comments: 7

  • Orlando from Labrador, PhilippinesIm still in High School When I first heard Little Rock and Love Remains in Baguio City Philippines! Wow! Great Songs,This songs are next to my Favorite Hyms Like, Praise to the Lord God Almighty.Hey Collin Raye, Nice>
  • Joe from Grants Pass, OrMy band ( Lavender Blue ) opened for Collin at The Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon -- August 2001, for a firemans' fundraiser !! We all had a great time !!!!
  • Ryan from Apple Valley, MnI was unaware of his views, and I would have to actually read about them to see how accurate yours are. I myself support marriage-equality, disagree completely with Iraq, hesitant about Afghanistan, and have no view on abortion being male. I have many bisexual friends, as well as some homosexual friends myself. That said, I still find this a beautiful song, regardless of the artist's views.
  • Brian from Vermillion, SdI have a comment for Darrell. It does not matter what your personal feelings are. You are probably only going to alienate your position by talking against someone on a neutral site.
  • Rick from La, CaCollin Raye is great! "Little Rock" is a good prelude to "What I Need". Perhaps Darrell could listen to it and relieve some his intolerance and hatred for people who don't share his views.
  • Darrell from EugeneRyan in Apple Valley, here's a comment. I hate Colin Raye! He is a bigoted fundamentalist Christian bible-banger who hates gays, supports the war and advocates banning abortion! I am friends with several gays and lesbians, and Colin's beliefs roil my stomach! By the way, shame on him for using a Japanese vehicle as the title of his last major hit. (Little Red Rodeo was inspired by an Isuzu Rodeo, and any decent songwriter would use something like a jeep or a Blazer)
  • Ryan from Apple Valley, MnI can't believe there are no comments for this great song. This is one of my favorites.
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