Hanging Tree

Album: Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (2008)
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  • Written by frontman Adam Duritz and guitarist Dan Vickrey, this is the second track from the band's fifth studio album.
  • According to Duritz, the lyrics have a dual meaning: they both chronicle the angst that he felt after losing his grandmother, and they also describe the way that we all drift away from others on an everyday basis to the point where it no longer seems noticeable.
  • Just like several other songs on the same album, like "Sundays" and "Insignificant," the lyrics contain imagery pertaining to the Greek myth of Icarus: "I got a pair of wings for my birthday and I’ll fall down through the sun this evening," is just an example.
  • The discordant sound heard at the very end of the song was made by tossing a harmonica into some piano wires.
  • Duritz once said that he would have much rather have had either this or "When I Dream of Michelangelo" be the lead single off of the album, as they better represent the album thematically, as opposed to "You Can't Count On Me." >>
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