Born In A Burial Gown

Album: Bitter Suites To Succubi (2001)
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  • This song is about the coming of an apocalyptic woman. She comes on Walpurgis Night, a Pagan Sabbath. She is a dark goddess who comes to start the war of good and evil. >>
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    Loki - Wurtsboro, NY
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  • Ginnie from Modesto, CaDinner at Deviants Palace is the Lords Prayer backwards read by Paul Allender's son
  • Danni from Bremen, OhNo, if you play Dinner At The Deviant backwards it plays the Lords Prayer in a little girls voice :]
  • Michael from San Antonio, TxWow, now I know what I'm listening to. And to that guy Michael, I believe you're thinking of "Dinner at Deviant's Palace".
  • Michael from Seattle, WaIf you play this song backwards, it reads The Lord's Prayer.
  • Dan from Appleton, Wino this song is about love and rainbows and cute lil puppy and more love =)
  • Loki from Wurtsboro, Nysorry but i forgot how to edit so i'm gonna add and comment..
    the actual meaning is as such..prolly not entirely correct but damn closer

    This song is about the coming of an apocalyptic woman((kind of like the antichrit) it is her second coming she comes on walpurgis night((a pagan sabbat)) She is coming to start the war of good and evil.She is a dark goddess. Born in a burial gown is simply saying she was not orn unto gods life she was already dead because to be dead is to be out of gods light.((it also means she was summoned from death also double meanings here ppl) The ending "now she moves with a predators guile" is her basically goin to hell and waiting for the sacrifice to bring her forht to defeat christ
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