Wake Up Lovin' You

Album: The Journey (Livin' Hits) (2013)
Charted: 99
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  • This Josh Osborne, Matt Ramsey, and Trevor Rosen-penned song was released as the first single from Craig Morgan's seventh longplayer. He explained to Billboard magazine why he chose the song to lead the album. "I think the music and the style of the record help it to set apart," he said. "There's still those hints of what people want to hear from Craig Morgan, but we are stepping out a little bit. The vocal range I get to use here is not like anything I have done a lot of in the past. This song is ageless and timeless, regardless of your ethnicity, religion, no matter where you're at, there is something so special about it that it's infectious and you feel it."
  • Craig Morgan turned up at the video shoot with a swollen eye after being stung by a bee. The singer and director Kristin Barlowe quickly changed their shoot strategy to hide the sting and, ironically, the injury adds to the raw emotion of the clip.
  • Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen are two-fifths of the band Old Dominion. Ramsey admitted to The Boot that they wish they could have kept this song for themselves rather than letting Craig Morgan record it. "It's not that we regret letting that go; it was just hard to do because that song, for a long time, was our kind of our flag in the ground of who Old Dominion was and, you know, that was definitely the one that got the most attention there for a long time and opened a lot of doors for us," he explained. "So when the opportunity for Craig to cut it came along, it was a big decision point and really hard to decide what we should do. Ultimately, when an artist like that decides that they want to cut your song, you kind of have to let them."

    "And it helps, you know? It definitely helps get your name out there," Ramsey continued. "We can still play that song. We play it every night, we close our shows with it every night, and people know the words to it, and so in the end, it definitely helps. But we don't really have any regrets about letting songs go or wishing we'd held on to them. We can always write more."


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