Album: My Own Prison (1997)
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  • After lead singer Scott Stapp was kicked out of a Christian school, he was living in an apartment with hardly anything at all. He just wrote his thoughts down on a piece of paper, which became the basis for this song. >>
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    Matt - Morristown, TN
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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjOne of my aquintences said he didn't like Creed because "the singer was homeless for 2 days and now he has the blues" I guess he was talking about this song. (the person in question spent a few years homeless)
  • Joseph from Toastville, OhNo actually Scott Stapp wrote most of the songs. Good day.
  • Erin from Madtown, WiActually Stapp didn't write most of this song. It was mostly written by Mark Tremonti (as were most Creed songs)
  • Tony from Woogowoogaa, Australiasome of the lines in the song refer to additional anguish he suffered when his mother failed to pack his lunch one morning.
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