Album: Crossfade (2004)


  • Crossfade lead singer Ed Sloan wrote their first single "Cold" about himself, but this song was about a specific person he was involved with. In our 2011 interview with Sloan, he explained: "She was a great person, but she wouldn't ever use her best qualities in life. She would display her qualities to me, but then other times just completely go off the wagon, just be a completely different person, and be someone that people didn't like. And so I guess that was me being my usual non-being-able-to-talk-to-somebody-straight-in-the-face self, and I wrote a song about it. So it was kind of a song devoted to her, telling her, 'Look, you've got friends and family that love you, and they've always helped you out. You can't just look them in the eye and say hey, thanks, and go on and keep doing what you're doing. You've got to take responsibility for your life and right now these aren't the best colors that you ever shine. You've got beautiful colors inside of you, just let 'em out and let people know who you are.'"

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  • Ashface from Rosamond Ca My little sister dedicated this song to me 11 years ago. I love this song.. made me cry when I actually listened to it.. you just have to show the true you and said f**k everyone else. If they dont like you for you then that's their lost dont ever pretend to be something your not cause in the end you wont know who you truly are and who your real friends are.. thank you crossfade for this song made me open my eyes to alot.. I always listen to this song when I'm missing my sister and the real me
  • Jasmine from Allentown, Pai love it and it has been described to describe me, people r mean
  • Kelso from Why?!?, CaThis song is good, but I have heard better...
  • Danielle from Fenton, MoI think this song is extremely amazing!!! I don't really understand the music vid though.

    Danielle Nowhere, MO
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