Hey Mister

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  • This was banned by MTV and many radio stations because it is about a guy lusting after someone's daughter. Custom believes it was taken far too seriously.
  • Custom is a male singer from New York who was raised in Calgary. His real name is Duane Lavold.
  • Custom is a former filmmaker, and he shot the video himself. You can't see it on MTV, but it shows his girlfriend in a bikini with lyrics written on her body.
  • The original idea for the video was to have Custom go to The White House and try to pick up President Bush's daughters.
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  • Evan from Vernon, BcAccording to the band, they recoded the first section of the video with his girlfriend on the beach before they were granted a budget for the shoot. The studio was so impressed with the first half that they granted them a healthy budget for the rest of the video. Since it was already half done though, "We decided to rent a Lamborghini and trash on it."

  • Rozzy from Toronto, CanadaCustom was not a one-hit wonder. They had some other popular songs that are distinct, such as "Beat Me" and "Mess". Fast was an awesome album, too bad they never went mainstream, although that's probably part of their current appeal. They have a strong fan-base, almost cult-like.
  • Jerry from Palm Harbor, FlI have the CD... the album notes say that Duncan Sheik (the "Barely Breathing" guy) plays acoustic for most of the songs... other than that- not too noteworthy
  • Leon from Waterbury, Ct"The original idea for the video was to have Custom go to The White House and try to pick up President Bush's daughters."

    That's really corny, lol.
  • Bill from New York, NyThe song is not by custom but by a young kid named Vince Cummings, he was sent in to work witht Duane and was never givin any criedit to it. Great song, I hope you are doing well where ever you are.
  • Sara from Phoenix, AzWoah, I've been looking for this song everywhere, since the radio stopped playing it. Now, I just randomly found it. Life's grand.
  • Meaghan from Ashland, Mahow could the video idea involve president bush if [as i remember it] the video has been out longer than hes been in the white house?
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandThis song was included on KERRANG! (UK rock mag) 'Best of 2002' CD
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