I Believed in God

Album: Rock and Roll is Black and Blue (2012)


  • This track is the second single and closing song from the band's eighth album and reached #40 on the Canadian Rock/Alternative Chart.
  • In a video preview for Rock and Roll is Black and Blue, lead singer and guitarist, the eponymous Danko Jones, said the song was one of his favorites off the album. "It started off as just a simple punk rock song. When Adam suggested he wanted to hear more gospel singers, we all kinda heard this church vibe, this church motif. We bring some gospel singers into the studio... well, we couldn't turn back. We really had to have them there. The only problem was the lyrics of the song: it's not an anti-god song, but erm... it's somewhat blasphemous."

    He added: "So bringing in gospel singers to sing this song I got a little nervous. The day that they were arriving into the studio I showed up at the studio in a suit and tie. Anything to make them feel more comfortable – I was putting on an act. I just wanted to make sure that they felt safe. Anything to win them over - Including wearing a tie - and they knocked it out of the park. It really brought just what was a Misfit's inspired punk rock song into this kind of – hate to use the word epic – but hell it's an epic song."
  • Despite the implicit atheism in the title, the song can be seen as less of a serious atheistic diatribe against God or religion, than a rather humorous spin on the typical break-up song.


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